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New CS2 Glove Finishes Coming Soon

Come and check out the new potential gloves dropping in Counter-Strike 2!
New CS2 Glove Finishes Coming Soon

Counter-Strike 2 has finally been released for players that have prime access and obtain a match-making rank, therefore, granting Source 2 access to all the "good" players of Counter-Strike. Alongside this momentous release, players are beginning to dream of all the future skins, knives, and gloves coming to the first Counter-Strike 2 case that's on the horizon. Despite Valve leaving the players in the dark about the upcoming release, we can take a look at the most popular community-created gloves that could make an appearance in the next Counter-Strike case. 

For those that aren't aware, Valve allows the community to create skin, knife, and glove concepts, releasing them to further community to gain feedback. Whichever concepts gain the most traction amongst Counter-Strike fans have a chance to be implemented into the future Counter-Strike case, with Valve compensating the creator for their efforts, and very generously, too! 

@Gemsri Gregory

Counter-Strike 2 Gloves: Specialist Gloves Marble Violet

The Specialist Gloves are vastly used within the Counter-Strike space, with players often reverting to the Specialist Gloves as the cheaper alternative to Sport Gloves. This overall boosts the general usage of these Counter-Strike gloves due to most players not wanting to spend thousands on an in-game item. Due to their popularity, Valve will be more inclined to recruit new skin ideas, especially the Marble Violet concept by Gemsri Gregory. The Marble Violet Specialist Gloves offer the same experience and finish as the Doppler series, offering excellent collaboration opportunities due to the quantity of available Doppler skins

Gloves within Counter-Strike are currently very divided, with Sport Gloves taking all the attention and colorful designs. Therefore, it would be great to see Valve add the Marble Violet or a similar pair of gloves into the market. With the mass release of Counter-Strike 2 to the majority of players, these Marble Violet Gloves would prove an excellent addition to a higher-end budget inventory, especially for those looking to branch out into more unique patterns and finishes. 

@Gemsri Gregory

Counter-Strike 2 Gloves: Sport Gloves Nebula 

The Sport Gloves Nebula replicates similar vibes as the Vice Gloves, making the colors significantly darker and more inverted. These gloves would suit case-hardened, Doppler, Fade, and general higher-tier skins universally, appealing to traders and the general Counter-Strike community. Personally, I think the Nebula gloves would make a perfect addition to the Sport Gloves collection due to the current divide within the gloves. Either Sport Gloves are incredibly boring or eye-catching, but the Nebula gloves are a subtle in-between.

Despite the Gloves adding to the Sport Gloves "problem," where Valve only makes appealing designs for the Sport Gloves, they can appeal to all types of players, regardless of their inventory theme or underlying aesthetic. 

To check out skin and glove concepts, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Steam Client 
  • Navigate to the "Steam Workshop" 
  • Select the Game "Counter-Strike" through the search bar
  • Select either "Discussion," "Screenshots," or "Artwork" 
  • Search "Gloves" 
  • View all the current concepts 

When looking through the Gloves you can interact with the post, liking, commenting, or awarding the post, gaining more traction within the community! 

@Gemsri Gregory

Counter-Strike 2 Gloves: Specialist Gloves Vault Heist  

The Specialist Gloves Vault Heist will be a perfect addition to a general budget loadout, being placed on desired budget gloves and a somewhat questionable pattern. However, the design of the skin stands out and is eye-catching, forcing you to take a closer look at the design and colorways due to the absurd-looking patterns on the gloves themselves. Despite most players staying away from already implemented similar designs, such as the Specialist Gloves Tiger Strike, these gloves add another interesting addition to budget gloves as a cheaper alternative.

Overall, the chances of Valve considering implementing the Vault Heist Gloves are quite high. This is due to the level of glove concepts that are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Not many players create concepts that "eh... they look okay," which is what Valve wants as they need to introduce cheaper alternative Gloves and skins for players to enjoy.