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Counter Strike 2 New Skins And Knives Leaked Via In Game Files

New Counter Strike 2 skins and knives leaked in CSGO game files
Counter Strike 2 New Skins And Knives Leaked Via In Game Files

With Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) releasing in the summer of this year and early access already being available to a small percentage of players, we can begin to predict the new features and content dropping alongside the release of CS2. Considering we haven't received a new set or singular knife in CSGO since 2019, players don't believe it's farfetched to assume new knives are entering the game, perhaps with or shortly after the release of CS2 later this year.

Within this article, we are going to showcase and mention leaked skins and knives that are potentially being featured along with or shortly after CS2's release. However, take the information with a pinch of salt - leaks aren't guaranteed. But data miners such as @_ale_cs  and @gabefollower have provided solid evidence to support similar claims of future knives, skins, and other CS2 information. 

New leaked knives in Counter Strike 2 

As you can see from the video, the "Kukri Knife" could be coming to CS2, and I'm sure nobody is disappointed by this news. The beautiful CS2 makeover completely revamps the aesthetic of skins, making the fade, vanilla, and other skins glow off the screen. Ultimately, the video provides insight into how current skins will look within the Source 2 engine, having skins completely take the breath away of players. The Kukri Knife looks awesome. Fortunately, the list doesn't stop there. 

Twinblade CSGO Knife

The "Twinblade" is another leaked CS2 knife, probably providing the most unique and strange aesthetic out of all the current CSGO knives. Unfortunately, we aren't able to obtain any footage to display the knife animation, but with summer approaching fast, I'm sure that won't be much issue. 

In terms of release dates, nobody can accurately pinpoint exactly when the skins will release. Valve is known for being chilled (unreliable) developers when it comes to the rapid development and updates of games. Therefore, it could be a while after CS2's release until we get any hint of new knives or skins. Despite that unfortunate reality, players are going to have to master an entirely new feeling of the game, having to learn the mechanics and "feel" of the new CS2 game. Although most current skins will aesthetically appear different due to the in-game changes, therefore we can look forward to enjoying our current updated skins and knives. 

New Counter Strike 2 skins leaked 

What are new knives without skins? Counter-Strike 2 leakers have found some awesome skins in the CS2's Beta files, suggesting they're up for release with or shortly after the release of CS2. Similar to the knives, it is uncertain when the skins will drop in relation to the summer CS2 release, although it's nice to know they're coming. From the video above, you can see these skins are awesome, which is great due to many skin fans feeling disappointed with the recent revolution case and Anubis souvenir cases. 

These are the names of all new skins potentially coming to CS2:

All New Counter Strike 2 Leaked Skins
  • AK-47 - Gold Brick
  • AUG - Carbon Fiber 
  • AWP - Full Stop
  • AWP - Whiteout 
  • PP-Bizon - Tuxedo
  • Desert Eagle - Gold Brick
  • Dual Berettas - Forest Night 
  • FAMAS - Carbon Fiber
  • Five-SeveN - Amber Fade 
  • Glock-18 - Carbon Fiber 
  • Glock -18 - Case Hardened 
  • M4A1-S - Hypnotic 
  • M4A1-S - Gamma Doppler 
  • M4A4 - Co-Processor
  • M4A4 - Fade
  • M4A4 - Gold Flake 
  • M4A4 - Marble Violet 
  • MAG-7 - Midnight Palm
  • MP5-SD - Carbon Fiber 
  • MP5-SD - Case Hardened 
  • MP5-SD - Urban Rubble
  • Negev - Polar Camo
  • Nova - Fade
  • P90 - Forest Night 
  • P2000 - Mudder 
  • SCAR-20 - Dark Water 
  • SG 553 - Prey
  • UMP-45 - Motherboard 
  • P2000 – Blue DDPAT
  • TEC9 – Purple Circuitboard
  • FiveSeven – Sketch
  • USP-S – Blue DDPAT
  • USP-S – Torn Camo
  • USP-S – Violet Web
  • P250 – Green
  • Dual Berettas – Yellow Camo
  • DEAGLE – Circuitboard
  • DEAGLE – Silver Tiger
  • MP5 – Torn Night
  • UMP45 – Plaid
  • MP7 – Duct Green
  • P90 – Dark Desert
  • P90 – Blueprint
  • M249 – Orange Camo
  • NEGEV – Brown Duct
  • XM1410 – Red Duct
  • SawedOff – Blueprint Blue
  • FAMAS – Night Camo
  • FAMAS – Splatter
  • AK47 – Purple Laminate
  • AK47 – White Laminate
  • AK47 – Violet Laminate
  • M4A4 – Violet Marble
  • M4A1 – Purple Camo
  • SG556 – Orange Camo
  • SG556 – Desert Camo
  • AWP – Silver Tiger

The majority of these skins are awesome, bringing an incredibly colorful plethora of skins into CS2. But the flooding of flawless skins could be bad for the game, and this could be potentially rather scary for some players, and here's why:

Currently, CSGO has a huge divide between "expensive" and "cheap" skins. A nice skin, such as the AWP Gungnir, is worth thousands and this is due to its rarity, beautiful design, and lack of similar cheaper alternatives, making it unique. But, if CSGO begins to pump incredibly aesthetically similar cheaper alternatives, the Gungnir will possibly become less desirable due to its cheaper alternatives, making it less unique. Additionally, if CSGO released a Gungnir skin for every weapon, would the AWP Gungnir maintain its current hype - probably not.

Essentially, if Valve decides to make every skin aesthetically flawless and overuses current rare skin designs, it makes those once rare skins less desirable and therefore special. It's nice to have the continuation of bad and good skins; otherwise, how will we appreciate the rare and unique skins as we currently do? Will the Glock-18 Fade remain iconic if every weapon and knife obtains a fade skin? Despite these questions not being a current opinion or worry, it's definitely important to think about when coming to skin investing - will the overpopulation of a current iconic skin depreciate its value or increase it?

Whereas these aren't my personal opinion on current skins, these questions spark my curiosity about the future of skins within Counter Strike 2. 

As a comparison, these are the recent Anubis skins that dropped alongside the final CSGO major: Blast Paris 2023. These skins are most likely the final skins ever to be released within the CSGO client, making them an excellent comparison to the featured videos above showcasing the future CS2 skins.

There have been quite the changes to the aesthetic and design of both weapons and skins, but change is good. Counter-Strike players only seem happy in majors, complaining in-game, on Twitter, and to friends about the state of the game. Hopefully, the release drops smoothly, and if we're lucky, we'll see some new knives and skins immediately.