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CSGO Investing in 2023: Discussing Safety, Best Skins & Cases

CSGO investing and trading aren't safe right now due to the upcoming game changes!
CSGO Investing in 2023: Discussing Safety, Best Skins & Cases

As many know, CSGO offers an incredibly lucrative space for investors, allowing the casual player to obtain riches through knowledgeable investments. Throughout the years, we've seen Katowice 2014 stickers rise to fame, deeming those that obtain the stickers as collectors and bringing wealth and attention to these individuals.

Additionally, we've seen China enter the CSGO scene, bringing their hype and wallets to the skin scene, ultimately boosting skin prices to astronomical heights over the last couple of years. Often, CSGO has provided a reliable and friendly place to invest and trade, but recent months have proven otherwise. 

Skin collectors and owners have seen an influx in skin prices, mostly with prices doubling. This is the result of the recent hype of CS2; with the new Counter Strike Source 2 (CS2) update being branded as a new game, players are going crazy with excitement and buying more skins. More specifically, CS2 features a complete makeover of the prior CSGO title, amplifying and improving in-game graphics and features and improving skins' quality. Skins that used to be dirty, dusty, and decrepit are now shiny, new, and beautiful, so players are going crazy over old and new skins. However, is it safe to invest?


Best Investment Skins in CSGO 

It would be smart to believe skins like Desert Eagle Bronze Deco (above) have received a larger increase in price due to their obvious and desirable changes. However, this isn't the case. Instead, the Desert Eagle Blaze, one of CSGO's most iconic skins, received the most significant price increase, which is crazy considering the lack of aesthetic change between CSGO and CS2 the Blaze had.

The skin went from £350 to £1250 in a series of two months, with the skin continuing to fluctuate at the higher price region. This outlines the level of uncertainty based on the skin prices and future prices; with both non and aesthetic skins boosting, remaining, and increasing in price, there is a lack of correlation on what's happening within the skin market right now. 

Safe CSGO to CS2 Skin Investments 

One thing's for sure, Katowice 2014 stickers are still gold dust; with the years flying by and legends and challenger Katowice 2014 capsules being opened, the stickers are continuing to become rarer and rarer. Leading the safe investment, Katowice 2014 stickers, either plain or applied these stickers will eventually grant you profit. Fortunately, this has always been the case with the ever-rising popularity these stickers continue to receive from YouTubers, professional players, and the CSGO community in general.

For example, an iBUYPOWER HOLO from the Challengers Katowice 2014 capsule has continued to gain exponential heights since its release, currently sitting at £54,000. I urge players to educate themselves on a good from bad Katowice 2014 investment, look into sticker positioning, popular stickers, the float value of the weapon, and the skin the sticker is applied on itself, for example, an iBUYPOWER HOLO on the handle of an AK-47 redline field-tested is a great investment and has doubled in price over the last year. Finally, if you want a good Katowice craft, make sure the sticker isn't scratched! 


Best Skins to Buy in CSGO 2023

Players are trying to understand and establish the most desirable skins for CS2, yet the game hasn't dropped for 99% of players. Therefore, all skin predictions and current establishments are complete predictions; yes, the skins look great, and we can "kinda" see what's going to be profitable, but once the vast majority of players enter the CS2 scene shortly, everything can change, as it has over the last two months. Specifically, players are trying to predict what "liquid" skins are going to be profitable and collecting a large number of specific skins, for example, the Desert Eagle Bronz Deco. Liquid skins are general CSGO skins; they don't obtain any uniqueness to them; for example, a generic butterfly knife fade to an AK-47 Asiimov. However, if the skin is an AK-47 Asiimov highest float in the world, it's no longer a liquid skin because it's unique. 

Essentially, high-value liquid skins such as an M9 Bayonet Lore are incredibly volatile currently, and it's recommended not to invest within these skins currently; once the hype dies down, so could the prices. Therefore, it's likely a risky investment to invest within general liquid skins; of course, they could continue to invest in price and make a larger profit, but the chances are low. Many players have already cashed out on their recent success, with skins mostly doubling within the last few months. A lot of players have transferred their liquid wealth into rarer items such as sticker crafts or unique patterns like AWP Blackiimov's (high float Asiimov 0.97 and above). 

This information is advice and "best-to-know" knowledge to help guide your future investment ideas and choices; it's incredibly vital to understand the market is going nuts right now, and quite frankly, nobody knows how long the hype is going to last or continue for, and ultimately the safest choices have come down again to the Katowice 2014 sticker crafts as they always have been.


What is The Best CS:GO Case to Invest in 2023?

If you're not interested in CSGO skins, cases have always been a viable option when investing your cash into CSGO. As many have seen, the prices of cases in 2023, especially over the last few months, have skyrocketed to unimaginable heights. Currently, cases are costing more than the key to unbox the skin; with Breakout, Phoenix, and glove cases increasing in price massively, players are checking their inventory and realizing they own hundreds of pounds worth of cases without previously noticing. 

The reason why case prices have increased is due to a global shortage of cases; meaning cases are already likely at their highest current price they've been throughout the history of CSGO. However, there is still a lot of money to be made within the CSGO case scene, with players buying rare and already almost extinct cases such as the Operation Bravo case that contains the AK-47 Fire Serpent. Rare and old cases will continue to grow in price, or cases that obtain rare gloves and skins, such as the Breakout case and the original Glove case due to the butterfly knife, Sport gloves Vice, and Pandora box gloves. 

It's incredibly important to have a reason to buy cases; prices aren't going to increase massively unless there is a defined reason within cases, therefore sticking your money in Snakebite cases in 2023 and praying for the best probably won't work unless there is game-changing news, like the discontinuation a specific glove type within those cases.