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AmaNEk - "Liquid were not on form ... that's why we won"

François "AmaNEk" Delaunay spoke ahead of G2 Esports' semifinal match against Fnatic about the team's current form and the chemistry between all of his teammates.
AmaNEk - "Liquid were not on form ... that's why we won"

On your way to the playoffs, you got revenge for cs_summit 5 against mousesports and took down an old nemesis in Team Liquid. Which matchup was harder in your opinion, mousesports or Team Liquid? 

The hardest one was the match against mousesports. They have stronger individualities and they are all confident at the moment so it was a tough match.

Against Liquid, they made a lot of mistakes and they were not on form these days and that’s why we won. 

You personally sit as the fifth highest rated player at IEM Katowice 2020 and G2 is the highest rated team overall. What do you think has enabled you to have such an incredible run so far?

For me, it’s that we know what we do and we just need to execute the plan. We all know why we are here and we all give everything to the team. 

There is a range of personalities on the team, with kennyS and JaCkz being very high-energy while you are a calmer, more reserved presence. Do you think that helps you bring out the best in each other? 

We are all different and it is good for the team and the chemistry. I’m really shy and not emotional so I keep everything inside me. We have the total opposite with Kenny who can be fully emotional sometimes.

Astralis and Natus Vincere will battle for the other spot in the grand final. Which team would you most like to face? 

I want to play Astralis again because we played them at ESL Pro League last time so I’d want to play them again.