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CSGO Pro Boombl4 Blackmailed By Ex-Wife Lika LiQueen After Spending $500K

CS:GO legend and former Na’Vi player, Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov finds out he's spent $500,000 on his leeching ex-wife after divorcing her.
CSGO Pro Boombl4 Blackmailed By Ex-Wife Lika LiQueen After Spending $500K

It’s been one hell of a ride for Boombl4. His divorce from Angelika Mikhailova has caught quite some heat in the past few months. Allegations of being homosexual have risen, and scandalous images and videos have been blackmailed, all of which were put down as false. 

Also, don’t forget that Boombl4’s ex-wife even accused the CS:GO professional player of using drugs and cheating during his competitive plays. Again, all were proven untrue and led to his departure from Na’Vi due to “high-reputational risks” on the 28th May 2022.

Angelika’s depressing train of dragging others down for self-worth and financial benefit doesn’t end there, though. Continuing the poor attempt at getting back at her husband for not splurging money, the only reason she most likely dated Boombl4, Angelika’s back with another allegation.

In a recent interview with Boombl4 about the drama, he talks about Angelika’s new move of bringing her ex-husband to court over another allegation and the amount of money he’s spent on her ex-wife’s day-to-day life.

The interview spans over thirty-seven minutes and dives into the life of Boombl4. And everything leading toward the divorce, including his history with Angelika. The video also discusses what happened afterward and how it affected his life. It’s in Russian, but there are translations.

Essentially, as some would’ve guessed, Boombl4 and Angelika’s relationship didn’t only become rocky until their divorce. He states they’ve both been on and off, implying a continuous flow of break-ups and make-ups. Boombl4 also confirms her provocative posts got him fired from Na’Vi.

Boombl4 poses with Angelika on their wedding day.
Boombl4 is one of the richest CS:GO players known to date. (Picture: Instagram)

After their divorce, Angelika alleges her ex-husband has domestically abused her. Because of these accusations, Boombl4 will face court for domestic violence charges. He denies her claims as false, yet again. But until the court says it is, Boombl4 will have to continue dealing with Angelika’s parade of lies in an attempt to either get something off of her ex-husband or publicly shame him for the drama she’s been through online.

As one of the more shocking revelations, the interview also revealed how much money Boombl4 spent on his ex-wife. Across their relationship, Boombl4 sent $500,000 to Angelika, allegedly used for her clothing, cosmetology, beauty products, family, and other means.

Boombl4 has spent 28 million rubles on Angelika, which is equivalent to $500,000.
Boombl4 has spent 28 million rubles on Angelika, which is equivalent to $500,000. (Picture: YouTube)

Most would think professional CS:GO players wouldn’t ever go through this much drama and problems doing esports. In Boombl4’s case, he landed in a precarious spot and is facing the cliff’s fall because of it. It’s unfortunate to see a CS:GO legend’s social and career status decline due to fake love, scamming, and petty allegations. As Boombl4 continues to prove his innocence, time after time, things won't shape up until Angelika's held accountable for her malicious and cruel actions.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / LiQueen.