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Who is Lika LiQueen aka Angelika Mikhailova?

Angelika Mikhailova (or Lika LiQueen) is a Russian influencer better known for marrying Na'Vi CSGO superstar Boombl4, but that's not all.
Who is Lika LiQueen aka Angelika Mikhailova?

Angelika Mikhailova, better known as "Lika LiQueen," has been a hot topic of conversation within the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) community lately. This came after she openly expressed her support for the Ukraine-Russia war and recently accused her now-former husband and ex-Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) captain Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov of abusing drugs.

As the drama around Boombl4's failed marriage to Lika LiQueen and his alleged drug use continues to unfold, many members of the CSGO community have been seeking an answer to the burning question: Who is Lika LiQueen? Fortunately, we have an answer.

Who is Lika LiQueen?

Lika LiQueen is the former wife of the Navi CSGO star Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov. Beyond this, there isn't much information publicly available about her; however, it is widely established that Lika is a Russian blogger and certified medical doctor.

Lika LiQueen is a blogger and qualified medical doctor
Lika LiQueen is a blogger and qualified medical doctor. (Picture: Instagram / LiQueen)

The bio on her Instagram account, which has roughly 50,000 followers, reads (translated from Russian using Google Translate): "Lika, [the] blog of a young family doctor. I will show you how to live up to 100 years healthy, beautiful, and as young as possible."

Less widely known, however, is that Lika is speculated to be a former adult actress and escort. While these claims are not confirmed, several internet members reportedly found private photos and explicit videos of Lika, who they identified through her unique skin blemishes and tattoos.

who is lika liqueen angelika ezieva maniac alisa
Some internet users speculate Lika LiQueen is an adult film star and escort. (Picture: Telegram / LiQueen)

Accordingly, Lika went by another name and alias, "Angelika Ezieva" or "Maniac Alisa." Given the sensitive and explicit nature of these speculations, we will not include the evidence or link to these sources here.

According to Lika's Telegram posts, she is 26 years old and has had three reportedly toxic relationships. She also revealed that she is the mother to a six-year-old boy, who she bore from one of her former relationships.

Lika LiQueen and her six-year-old son
Lika LiQueen and her six-year-old son. (Picture: Telegram / LiQueen)

Boombl4 and Lika LiQueen Drama Explained

Now that you know who she is, it's important to understand why Lika LiQueen has recently been a topic of interest.

On 28th May 2022, Lika reportedly posted multiple messages expressing her support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Unsurprisingly, this drew massive criticism from the CSGO community, who called for Boombl4's expulsion from Na'Vi. Later that same day, Na'Vi kicked him from the CSGO roster, citing "high reputational risk" to the organization.

who is lika liqueen boombl4 csgo navi
Lika LiQueen was married to CSGO pro Boombl4. (Picture: Instagram / LiQueen)

On 8th June 2022, just days after Boombl4's expulsion, Lika claimed the CSGO star was a methadone addict and posted a video of him snorting what appeared to be cocaine. She later also alleged he was a "long-time drug addict" who gaslit and cheated on her several times. "He betrayed me more than once and hurt me a lot. On this basis, we are getting divorced," she said on Telegram.

lika liqueen boombl4 csgo drama drug abuse
Lika claims Boombl4 is a long-time drug addict. (Picture: Telegram / LiQueen)

Boombl4 later hit back at the allegations on Twitter, claiming that he was "blackmailed with various photos/videos and also a huge amount of fake information." The CSGO pro added, "I will be filing suits," before thanking his followers for their support and understanding.

While it seems unlikely that Lika and Boombl4's divorce will be handled amicably, we just hope her son doesn't get caught in the crossfire. Otherwise, that's everything we know about Lika LiQueen. We will continue to keep you updated regarding any further developments.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / LiQueen.