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With this new CS:GO bug players headshot themselves

Can you guess what actually happened here?
With this new CS:GO bug players headshot themselves

Bugs and glitches are not uncommon things when it comes to CS:GO, and some of them often became infamous for the negative influence they had on a pro CS:GO scene.

From character models appearing to be completely invisible for some players, to smoke bombs with people visible inside/behind them, Molotov bugs, spray abuses, and many more. With each new CS:GO patch, it seems that some new bug always emerges.

Most of the abusable bugs are in some way connected to the visibility, but the newest one that Reddit user ArfieCat shared today is one of the craziest we saw in a while.

Apparently, you can now shot yourself in the head, as you can see in the video below. How he managed to do that? We have no idea.
Neither do Reddit users on that thread, as it seems. Most of them are making jokes, but some offered possible solutions to why this happened.

User CubeReflexion offered what seems like the most plausible answer: "It's a far stretch by the clip alone, but could it be that the guy disconnected after shooting but before killing you? The killer shows up as unconnected on your screen with the subtitle you killed yourself, so this might explain the situation:

The game registers your death, game tries to get your killer to list it in the deathnotice, game can't find that player on the server because he disconnected, so it just shows a suicide instead, but with a headshot because you were killed with a headshot."

Would you agree with his explanation? Or you think something else is happening here? Let us now!

bug: killfeed says i headshot killed myself from GlobalOffensive