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CS:GO cheater problem intensifies as Valve fixes Trust Factor issues

The CS:GO cheating problem has increased a lot recently as Valve's Trust Factor system wasn't working properly with fans bombarding the developer.
Just like most other online competitive titles, especially on PC, CS:GO has a cheating problem. Despite Valve's anti-cheat systems, players find a way to cheat using "spinbots" which are basically auto-aim hacks, as well as a variety of other cheats. Following issues with the Trust Factor system in CS:GO, players have had a bad time while matchmaking, running into a plethora of cheaters along the way.

Valve on CS:GO cheating and Trust Factor issues

Valve is aware players have been having bad experiences in matchmaking following an issue with Trust Factor not working properly. The system, which was released in 2017, is a hidden rating based on a variety of factors and activities, which helps CS:GO matchmaking determine which players should be matched with one another.

Essentially, the system will throw players with a low Trust Factor rating together, and provide a better, cheater-free CS:GO experience to those with a high Trust Factor rating.

On Twitter, Valve announced issues with the Trust Factor system are now fixed.


Valve explains: "If you've had bad matches recently, it may have been because Trust wasn't working right. We fixed it yesterday and confirmed that it is now working as intended. Thanks to everyone who provided useful feedback."

These "bad matches" Valve is referring to were filled with CS:GO cheaters and spinbotters, and despite this fix, it is clear from over a thousand comments on the tweet that CS:GO's cheating problem is far from over.

just some minor examples can be viewed in the images below via Twitter.

CS:GO cheating problem Trust Factor matchmaking valve fix spinbotters cheaters

CS:GO cheating problem Trust Factor matchmaking valve fix spinbotters cheaters

While CS:GO cheaters do get banned, getting grouped up with some in matchmaking is a really unpleasant experience, especially for those who generally have a great standing in terms of Trust Factor.

Despite Valve fixing the recent Trust Factor issue, it is clear CS:GO still has a cheating problem, and has had one for several years.