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CS:GO FPS bug: How to fix performance issues

If you are experiencing severe performance issues in CS:GO, we've got a fix for the FPS bug you can try.
CS:GO FPS bug: How to fix performance issues

While CS:GO is one of the most popular esports titles out there, and Valve continues to update the game regularly, players are still running into an FPS bug, which causes severe performance issues.

Your FPS (frames-per-second) can drop from 200+ to 30 randomly during a match, and you might not know how to fix this CS:GO performance issue. Don't worry, we have you covered with one simple command you can use.

CS:GO FPS bug: How to fix 

There's a longstanding bug in CS:GO which randomly drops your FPS down to low double-digits, no matter which type of gaming rig you have.

While not everyone experiences these severe performance issues, they do happen quite often, even during professional tournaments, matchmaking, and Faceit leagues, for example.

Thankfully, there's an easy fix which doesn't require you to quit your match or sit around counting chickens until your game gets back to normal.

CS:GO FPS bug performance issues how to fix(Picture: Valve)

Using the command logaddress_add 1 should fix your CS:GO FPS issues during a match.

However, not all players know how to use commands in CS:GO, so follow the steps below to fix this nasty FPS bug.

  • Click on "Options" and head to "Game Settings".
  • Find "Enable Developer Console" and click "yes".
  • Press the tilde key (the key under your "Esc" key).
  • With the console now open, type in logaddress_add 1 and press enter.

This should fix the CS:GO FPS bug after roughly five seconds, bringing your game's performance back to normal.

Unfortunately, every time you experience this bug, you have to use the command again, as there is no way to fix it permanently.

Hopefully, Valve will one day deploy an update which actually fixes the CS:GO performance issues for good. Until then, use this command so you can continue playing your match with high frames-per-second.