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CS:GO Unranked matchmaking and non-Prime account changes

In the latest CS:GO update, Valve has released the Unranked matchmaking for competitive and more, while also removing some benefits of non-prime accounts.
CS:GO Unranked matchmaking and non-Prime account changes

Without any prior warning, Valve released an impactful CS:GO update in the early hours of the morning on 6th June 2021. This new CS:GO update, in essence, is all about giving Prime account holders options while limiting non-Prime accounts with changes that remove some benefits they used to have. Since CS:GO does have a cheating problem, it could be a great move from Valve. Here's what you need to know about the latest CS:GO update, starting with Unranked matchmaking.

CS:GO Unranked matchmaking details

With the CS:GO update on 6th June, you will no longer see "Scrimmage" in competitive matchmaking. This has been replaced with Unranked matchmaking.

While Unranked still uses skill-based matchmaking, it does not affect your Skill Group and has no party restrictions. Both Prime and non-Prime accounts are able to participate in Unranked, so you will find a mixture of players there.

new update CS:GO unranked matchmaking non-prime account changes Valve(Picture: Valve)

The full update notes for Unranked in CS:GO as per the official patch notes read:

  • Introducing Unranked matches for Competitive, Wingman, and Danger Zone game modes.
  • While still using skill-based matchmaking, Unranked matches do not affect Skill Group and have no Skill Group party restrictions.
  • Non-Prime accounts are restricted to Unranked, whereas Prime accounts may choose between Ranked and Unranked.
  • Ranked matches will always be with other Prime players, exclusively, whereas Unranked matches will be created from the mixed pool of Non-Prime players - and Prime players that have chosen to play Unranked.

While this does sound quite good, there are concerns that Unranked will be filled to the brim with cheaters, and not worth it for those with Prime accounts.


Non-Prime CS:GO account changes

With the introduction of Unranked matches, Valve has made some changes to non-Prime accounts, possibly in a move to negate what cheaters can achieve in the game.

Check out the non-Prime CS:GO account changes below:

  • Non-Prime status accounts will no longer earn XP, Ranks, Skill Groups, item drops, or Prime status through playtime.
  • Non-Prime accounts will not be able to participate in Ranked matches.
  • Non-Prime accounts will not be able to activate Bonus Rank XP items and can no longer claim Service Medals.

There are also some miscellaneous changes which you can check out via the image below.

new update CS:GO unranked matchmaking non-prime account changes Valve
(Picture: Valve)

While this does look like a good move from Valve overall, one has to take into consideration that the Prime account status will cost you $15 USD.

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