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CSGO Source 2 Gameplay Revealed

We finally have our first look at the CS:GO Source 2 engine gameplay! Here's our breakdown of all the initial footage.
CSGO Source 2 Gameplay Revealed

Valve's beloved multiplayer FPS, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, aka CS: GO, is being ported to the Source 2 engine, at least unofficially. The port comes from Twitter user GabeFollower, a notable CS: GO content creator and leaker.

For those unaware, an official CS: GO port from Valve has been long rumored, though it hasn't come to fruition yet. Other notable Valve games like, Dota 2 were officially ported to Valve's Source 2 engine back in 2015, though no such development has occurred from the company in the case of CS: GO.

That has changed now, thanks to this unofficial port in the making from GabeFollower. To mark this occasion, the creator has also released seven minutes long gameplay footage of CS: GO running in Valve's new engine.

Here's our first look at CS: GO running on Source 2 engine

Right off the bat, you will notice how visually impressive this Source 2 snippet of CS: GO looks in comparison to the original game. High-resolution textures and overall vibrant visuals are on full display here.

cs go source 2 gameplay
CS: GO on Source 2 looks like the much needed visual and technical upgrade. (Picture: Youtube - Gabe Follower 2)

Sadly, the visuals are the only highlight of this small playable footage of CS: GO on Source 2, as the gameplay seems largely unchanged. However, this could change with the final product though fans will have to wait and find out.

It's important to note that this Source 2 port of CS: GO is an open-source project based on Garry's S&box mod. It has nothing to do with Valve or the devs involved in making the original CS: GO. On the other hand, there have been some interesting developments from Valve's side when it comes to an official port to Source 2.

In December 2021, GabeFollower discovered references to CS: GO in the files of Source 2, thus indicating that an official port could be on the way.

cs go source 2 gameplay
CS: GO on Source 2 is a community driven, open source project. (Picture: Youtube - Gabe Follower 2)

Sadly, there haven't been many revelations since then. That said, a former CS: GO dev, Richard Geldreich, recently revealed his thoughts in an interview with WIN.gg on what an official Source 2 port of CS: GO could look like.

According to him, a Source 2 port of the game would impact the gameplay the most, whereas visuals and performance would remain largely unchanged. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen though Geldreich suggested that at the very least, it won't feel like "true CS: GO."

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Featured image courtesy of Valve / Gabe Follower 2.