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ESL confirm Rio as 2020 Spring Major location

The first Major of 2020 will take place in Brazil, with MTG returning to Rio after a successful DreamHack Open tournament earlier this year.

The next CS:GO Major taking place in 2020 has been confirmed to be ESL One Rio by the tournament organiser.

After rumours and leaks of the news appeared, many fans had been waiting for official confirmation of the news from ESL themselves.

ESL One Rio will form part of the ESL Pro Tour that combines all ESL and DreamHack tournaments into a unified circuit that allows teams competing in smaller Challenger events to qualify for Masters level tourneys.

This marks a return to Brazil for ESL after 2018's ESL One Belo Horizonte and for parent company MTG following DreamHack Open Rio back in April.

For those looking to attend South America's first CS:GO Major, it is worth noting that caster audio inside the Jeunesse Arena from May 21-24th will be broadcasted in Portuguese while analysis will be in English.

Online casting will still be available in English so it is unknown if this means English casters will be flown out to Rio de Janiero or will instead cast from studios owned by ESL.

Tickets will go live on 12th December at 3pm UK time (12:00 BRT) and more information can be found here on the official ESL website.

With six months to go, teams will be looking to hold on to their spots in the Valve-sponsored event as others fight to make it through the Open Qualifiers in the new year.