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FACEIT and Death Wish Coffee partners up to give CS:GO players a boost

FACEIT has partnered up with Death Wish Coffee to bring community events, new missions and more to their CS:GO players based in the U.S.
Death Wish Coffee, a brand renowned for making the world's strongest coffee, has entered the competitive gaming scene, partnering up with FACEIT to give U.S. CS:GO players a boost. Death Wish Coffee looks to showcase their products, which are designed to "boost energy levels and enhance performance" without those unhealthy side effects of energy drinks. Here's what we know so far about the Death Wish Coffee and FACEIT partnership.

FACEIT & Death Wish Coffee for CS:GO players

If you've been playing CS:GO for hours on end via the FACEIT servers, you might need a boost, right? Well, instead of taking an energy drink (or three), Death Wish Coffee offers a boost in energy levels without those unhealthy side effects of energy drinks. This makes the world's strongest coffee brand a perfect fit for a partnership with FACEIT.

This partnership is exclusive to US-based players. FACEIT and Death Wish Coffee will offer CS:GO players on the FACEIT platform community events, new missions, as well as "unique opportunities to win Death Wish Coffee."

At the time of writing, the details on these community events and missions have not been revealed.

FACEIT Death Wish Coffee partnership CS:GO players new missions community event prizes(Picture: FACEIT / DWC)

The FACEIT and Death Wish Coffee partnership aim to connect the community to a brand whose products are "double the strength of the average coffee", designed to enhance performance and boost those energy levels.

As per the Press Release we've received, Jeff Ayers, from Death Wish Coffee explains: "At Death Wish Coffee, we are not just the makers of ‘the World’s Strongest Coffee’, we are a lifestyle brand. We want to fuel people's passions from the moment they wake up and throughout the day, which is why we have chosen to partner with FACEIT, who have a strong community keen to improve their gaming performance.

"As esports and gaming are becoming larger and more visible, we realise that gamers need two things: the fuel to keep gaming and a brand that is as bold as they are. Death Wish Coffee provides all of FACEIT’s community of gamers and esports players with both a great product and brand they can get behind."

FACEIT Death Wish Coffee partnership CS:GO players new missions community event prizesStop counting CS:GO chickens with Death Wish Coffee (Picture: Valve)

The CBO and Co-Founder of FACEIT, Michele Attisani, explains: "Death Wish Coffee has a fantastic brand identity and mission that we feel aligns with our own values. Their approach naturally resonates with competitive gaming which can be high octane, energetic and fun.

"Most importantly their products don’t include chemicals. Our community competes together for hours at a time so it's important that whatever they are picking up to eat or drink is as natural as possible."

This looks like a great partnership for CS:GO players based in the U.S. to enjoy on the FACEIT platform, giving players the boost they need.

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