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Mustache Masters charity tournament raises over $10,000 for Movember

The CS:GO Mustache Masters tournament took place over the weekend, raising money for the benefit of men’s health and the Movember Foundation.

Four invited teams, including eUnited, went up against community teams to raise money at the online event, with all proceeds going to the Movember Foundation.  

Taking place on 23-24 November, the two-day event featured an array of comical antics on stream too, including Rush B Media founder Ryan “RyanAtRBM” Friend cosplaying as a clown while caster Mike “DarfMike” Winnick shaved his head after hitting a stretch goal.  

The tournament itself was won by INTZ, who managed to secure victory over Rap Gang in the grand final. 

Following the event, the official Twitter page confirmed they had raised $10,099 (£7,841) from donations and thanked those who contributed.  

The CS: Go community has history raising money for Movember, having previously raised £20,000 in 2016 through a campaign launched by Henry “HenryG” Greer, Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett and Jason “moses” O’Toole. The community also raised £25,000 at an event held last year.  

You can check out the Mustache Masters official donating page here.