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New CS:GO Beta Depot update adds enhanced demo viewing experience

Valve has released a new CS:GO Beta Depot update with the aim of greatly enhancing the demo viewing experience.
Developer Valve has released a new CS:GO Beta Depot update which should make content creators very happy. The latest CS:GO Beta Depot update enhances the demo viewing experience with an updated UI. Here's what the update does, and how you can access it.

CS:GO Demo Viewing upgrade

Valve has enhanced the demo playback UI for CS:GO. This should make the lives of those who create CS:GO videos much easier.

The new setting in the beta depot update is "demo_index". When players enable it, "playback of demo files will create full-frame baselines to improve performance of seeking forward and rewinding within demo files."

This could also help those who are investigating the use of the spectator bug, which saw 37 esports coaches getting banned late in September.


CS:GO Beta Depot: How to access

To access the CS:GO beta depot, and test out some unreleased updates from Valve, you need to follow six basic steps. 

  1. Open the Steam client and navigate to your LIBRARY.
  2. Right-click on CS:GO and select 'Properties'.
  3. Click on the BETAS tab.
  4. Select the beta you would like to opt into through the drop-down box.
  5. The latest beta update is "".
  6. You will be prompted to restart your client. After restarting, launch CS:GO to play the game with its Beta changes.

CS:GO beta depot demo viewing

(Picture: Valve)

Unlike most other CS:GO Beta Depot updates, you can use this one, and play as normal, as this build is compatible with public matchmaking.