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PGL Stockholm Major Pick'Em predictions for Challengers stage

Our predictions for the PGL Stockholm Major Challengers stage include the Pick'Em picks so CS:GO esports fans can earn some rewards.
The PGL Stockholm Major is causing maximum hype in the CS:GO esports community, as the first Major in over two years. There are some fantastic stickers and patches for fans to purchase, and thanks to the Viewers Pass, there are nine challenges to complete. Those who have purchased the Viewers Pass can level up their event coin, and earn some sought-after Souvenir Tokens. If you are struggling with the predictions for the Challengers stage and simply want some solid Pick'Em predictions, we've got you covered.

Stockholm Major Pick'Em predictions for Challengers 

Eight of the 16 teams in the Challengers stage will make it to the Legends stage. The PGL Stockholm Major Viewers Pass tasks players to make correct predictions for which teams will make it out of the Challengers stage, which team will go 3-0, and which team won't even win a match.

PGL Stockholm Major Pick'Em predictions picks challengers stage challenge
All nine challenges in the PGL Stockholm Major viewers pass. (Picture: Valve)

Thankfully, you don't have to get all the predictions right for the Pick'Em challenge. Instead, CS:GO esports fans simply need to get five out of the nine predictions correct.

This is still easier said than done, however, as anything can happen during a Major and nearly all the matches (except for elimination and advancement) during the Challengers stage is best-of-one, making it a volatile affair.

In our predictions for the first PGL Stockholm Major Pick'Em challenge, we went with Danish powerhouse Heroic going 3-0 in the Challenger stage, and we picked Tyloo to get eliminated without winning a match.

PGL Stockholm Major challengers stage pick'em predictions picks rewards
Our predictions for the PGL Stockholm Major Challengers stage. (Picture: Valve)

The image above showcases our picks for the eight teams we think will advance. Remember, you only need to get five correct, so there is some room for error.

You have until 26th October at 09:00 BST to lock in those predictions for the Pick'Em challenge. 

So there you have it, our picks for the PGL Stockholm Major Challengers stage Pick'Em. Hopefully, this will help CS:GO esports fans crush it and level up that event coin with ease.


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Featured image courtesy of Valve.