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PGL Antwerp Major Challengers Stage - Results and highlights

A look at teams in the Legend Stage of CS:GO PGL Antwerp Major and important moments of Challengers Stage.
PGL Antwerp Major Challengers Stage - Results and highlights

The Challengers Stage of CS:GO PGL Antwerp Major has ended, and eight teams have made it to the Legends Stage, and the remaining teams have been eliminated from the competition. The event was predictable yet exciting to watch because of the amazing performances from the top teams.

G2 Esports have been conquering the competition stage, followed by Team Vitality on the second spot and ENCE on the third. The top eight teams from the Challengers Stage will join the existing eight teams like NAVI, FaZe Clan, and Heroic in the Legends Stage.

PGL Antwerp Major Challengers Stage highlights

Audric "JACKZ" Jug from G2 Esports focusing on the match.
Audric "JACKZ" Jug from G2 Esports focusing on the match. (Picture: PGL)

Teams had to follow the Swiss System Format in the Challengers Stage of PGL Antwerp Major. While we saw an expected overall standing after the stage, there is a need to shed light on some important talking points.

Performance of G2 Esports and Team Vitality

G2 Esports

G2 Esports started the competition with a massive win over Team Liquid. The match on Inferno proved to be tricky for Liquid, but G2 were confidently cruising. They won 16-6 against Liquid, securing a massive round advantage in the first match.

The second round saw G2 take on Team Spirit. Coming from an easy victory against Liquid, G2 had to grind hard to win against an in-form Team Spirit. In fact, their match on Dust II went into extra time with a 19-17 score in G2’s favor.

G2 fought against ENCE in the third round. It was a Best of 3 series with the first match on Dust II. G2 won the first game with a score of 16-7. The second match on Ancient took extra rounds to decide, but ENCE came back to secure a 19-16 victory. G2 took the last match comfortably with a 9-16 score and advanced to the Legends Stage.

Team Vitality

Similar to G2, Vitality had a strong opening match, where they beat Complexity 16-1 on Inferno. Experiencing a slump in form, it was a tough game for the latter.

Confident from their emphatic win over Complexity, Vitality were more than ready for the second round. They faced Astralis on Mirage and won the game 16-8.

The deciding series was Vitality versus forZe, where the latter lost 2-1. ForZe could only manage a 12-16 win the first match on Nuke. The second match on Dust II had a 16-9 score in favor of Vitality. ForZe played well in the last match but couldn’t do enough and lost 16-12 on the Mirage map.

Team Liquid’s Comeback

Team Liquid struggled in the early phases of the PGL Antwerp Major Challengers Stage as they lost to G2 Esports and Imperial. However, the team played well against 9z to get a 2-1 victory. The North American side had a bit of luck and took the wins against struggling Astralis and Complexity in their next two encounters. However, credits to Liquid for not giving up after two brutal losses in the opening matches.

Teams in PGL Antwerp Major Legends Stage

Team members of Natus Vincere.
Team members of Natus Vincere. (Picture: PGL)

Eight teams have made it to the Legends Stage after competing in the Challengers Stage.

  • G2 Esports

  • Team Vitality

  • ENCE

  • Team Spirit

  • Outsiders

  • Imperial Esports

  • Bad News Eagles

  • Team Liquid

The existing teams in Legends Stage are as follows:

  • Heroic

  • Copenhagen Flames

  • BIG

  • Cloud9

  • FURIA Esports

  • FaZe Clan

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • Natus Vincere

The Legends Stage of PGL Antwerp Major will present some exciting CS:GO matches. We have a good mix of popular teams with in-form underdogs. The top eight teams from the Legends Stage will proceed to the Champions Stage.


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Featured image courtesy of PGL.