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Cyberpunk 2077 Gang Guide: A Breakdown Of The Tribal Loyalties That Govern Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 features gangs like 6th Street and the Wraiths all with their own agendas. Who you work with and against will shape your destiny. Be careful not to step on any toes - it may cost you your life.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gang Guide: A Breakdown Of The Tribal Loyalties That Govern Night City

The gangs that stalk Night City are an important part of the rich tapestry that make up Cyberpunk 2077's world.

Player's will encounter gangs that hold sway over swatches of the city, with your character's backstory, in-game choices, and ability to sweet talk (or inability) shaping how these gangs will perceive you.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gang guide

Before you step into Night City you could do worse than cast your eyes over our guide to Cyberpunk 2077's gangs - as one bad move and you could find yourself the target of the organ harvesting Scavengers, or maybe you want it that way?

A guide to Cyberpunk 2077's gangs

Cyberpunk’s detailed gang system will have you bowing to gangs' needs to avoid getting into trouble with each decision you make in-game having the ability to put you in the graces, or ruin your reputation, with a gang.

Cyberpunk Gang Guide
(Picture: CD Projekt)

For example, if you were to get into a brawl with the Moxes, then you’ll lose their trust and possibly the trust of every gang they do business with. It’s your job to work things out as favorably as possible to you.

Each gang in Night City and the surrounding Badlands havecertain characteristics that make them unique.

There are The Aldecaldos, a Nomad family led by Juan Aldecaldo, barterers and thieves, and relatively harmless. Then you have gangs like the Voodoo Boys who take sick pleasure in killing, hacking and black magic.

Who you make friends with, or not, will shape your destiny in Cyberpunk 2077. So before you step into Night City you best know your Valentino's from your Wraiths if you want to have any chance of survival.

The gangs of Cyberpunk 2077

The Moxes

Cyberpunk 2077 gangs moxes(Picture: CD Projekt)

The Moxes gang was originally formed in 2076, and founded after the death of strip club owner and former prostitute Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden.

She was known to protect her workers and treat them fairly, a trait that The Moxes proudly support. The small, non-territorial gang is comprised mostly of sex workers, sexual minorities, outcasts, and punks. The event that prompted the beginning of the gang was the brutal murder of a girl led by another gang, known as Tyger Claws. Soon after, Lizzie met the same fate - beginning the wave of The Moxes members living in solidarity and covering each other's backs. 

Besides fighting for the protection of sex workers, boys and girls, they also run a few brothels where they make money off of prostitution. Most of their overall business and income comes from Lizzie’s Bar, a re-built version of Lizzie’s strip club found in the Watson District.

The Maelstrom

Cyberpunk 2077 Gang guide(Picture: CD Projekt)

Maelstrom will be a gang familiar to anyone that played Cyberpunk 2020, and there still alive and kicking in 2077.

One of the most infamous gangs in all of Night City. They’re frequently seen dressed in chains, leather, and studs, they’re a lot scarier than they look. Besides being obsessed with cyber technology, they also carry a thirst to kill. Some of the members’ obsession with technology is so intense, that they’re also referred to as “Cyber Psychos".

This gang’s main goal is to fight against The Inquisitors, a group of human Puritans who hate gangs, but more so Maelstrom. In 2077, the gang is comprised of not only original members, but also others who share mutual interest such as killing the aforementioned Inquisitors. These other members come from two powerful gangs known as the Red Chrome Legion and Ironsights.

One of the leaders of Maelstrom is a trigger-happy and unpredictable killer known as Simon "Royce" Randall.

The Tyger Claws

Tyger Claws Cyberpunk 2077
(Picture: CD Projekt)

The Tyger Claws are a gang located in Japantown, a sub-district located in Night City. Besides being one of the largest gangs in the city, they also commit crimes using various Asian organized crime networks such as The Yazuka or The Triads. The goal of the 5,500-member gang is to completely overtake other businesses while controlling their own territory. Maintaining power and status is important to the Tyger Claws, and anyone who dares to cross them will be faced with dire consequences.

This gang is a direct enemy to The Moxes, as abduction, human trafficking, and sexual assault are all but a few of the things they are known for. They also run plenty of businesses including brothels, bars, and restaurants, that serve as a front for money laundering and crime.

Members of Tyger Claws are seen holding their bloody Katana's, machine guns, and tattoos. Anyone can easily spot a member due to their use of bikes.

Voodoo Boys

The Voodoo Boys gangs of cyberpunk 2077
(Picture: CD Projekt)

The Voodoo Boys could be accurately described as terrorists, their members are characterised as sadists who enjoy killing and hacking, all the while engaging in twisted magic rituals.

They also know to sell drugs mainly to university students, and other young outcasts. The Voodoo Boys are also the top most-wanted gang by the Night City Police Department, however they are considered low threat in Realspace. When it comes to The Net, though, they are possibly one of the most deadliest gangs out there.

This gang is mostly made up of Haitans, located in the Haitian-majority Pacifica District.

The appearance of each member includes wearing cooling suits, neural implants, tattoos, skulls, and dreadlocks.

The Valentinos

The Valentinos Cyberpunk 2077
(Picture: CD Projekt)

The Valentinos are a close-knit family-like gang in Night City, found primarily in Heywood, The Glen, Wellsprings, Vista Del Rey. The 6,000-member gang are extremely territorial, and connect with their communities through their love and respect for their Chicano culture. If they have a goal it is a simple on to find and seduce the most beautiful women in Night City.

This gang run many businesses such as auto repair shops, casinos, and construction companies, and are known to use these as a front for their illicit operations such as money laundering and prositution. 

Additionally, they commit other crimes such as car theft, drug trafficking, and illegal modification of weapons and vehicles. Each time the police attempt to catch these criminals, they often fail due to the community’s loyalty. In return for their loyalty, The Valentinos vow to protect them from other violent gangs.

Members are often seen in detailed tattoos, colorful clothing, and expensive gold jewelry.

The Animals

The animals all of cyberpunk 2077 gangs
(Picture: CD Projekt)

Imagine the most intimidating body builder you can think of - and bring that up a notch and you will be getting close to the people that make up the Animals. A gang ofof body-enhanced low-key street fighters.

Aside from juicin', getting swole, and acting as aggressive as possible, this group is known to raid drug stores, residential neighborhoods, and pharmaceutical companies. They are also well-known drug dealers who use underground cage fighting and protection jobs as their source of income.

Internal gang relations are just as animalistic, as any dispute is solved through trial by combat.

6th Street

6th Street Cyberpunk gang
(Picture: CD Projekt)

A gang that’s as patriotic as can be, 6th Street was founded by American veterans from the 4th Corporate War, a 2-year war between two aquacorps known as CINO and OTEC.

Originally, 6th Street was formed to protect Vista del Rey from the violence of gangs and aid the overworked NCPD. Unfortunately these goals quickly went downhill once members started carrying out self-serving tasks, such as smuggling and racketeering. Most new recruits come from retired security forces and military.

Their abuse of power forces communities to pay the gang “protection money,” and they are known as gun smugglers.

6th Street members are often seen wearing miltiary fatigues, such as boots, cargo pants, baseball caps with old USA flags, stars, stripes, and eagles. The cyberware used by this group includes heart monitors and pain editors.


Scavengers Cyberpunk 2077
(Picture: CD Projekt)

Try not to let your guard down around the Scavengers. They will kidnap you and harvest your organs and cyberware to sell on the black market.

They are ruthless and shows no mercy upon their unsuspecting victims. Generally, they have no other interests other than themselves and money, and will destroy anything that gets in their way.

Besides mutilating their victims, Scavengers find other ways to get some extra money. They offer to do small-time criminal tasks, heists, hit jobs, and abductions. As long as there’s money to be made, they’ll take it.

Some of the cyberware used by them include cyberoptics, pain editors, and reflex boosters.


Wraiths cd projekt cyberpunk 2077
(Picture: CD Projekt)

There’s not much information available about the Wraiths yet, but they are located in the badlands.The large group mostly travels at night, attacking their sleeping victims. Overall, they tend to ignore the law and find income through raids and robberies.

Their leader, “Dogkiller” encourages aggressiveness and violence within the group, and no Wraith turns down a good opportunity. The Aldecaldos are known to stand in their way, and often find themselves clashing against them.

The Aldecaldos

The Aldecaldos
(Picture: CD Projekt)

Also located in the Badlands, the Aldecaldos are known to be the first true Nomad family, formed in the 1990’s. The gang’s founder, Juan Aldecaldo, left the United States to migrate to Mexico City, and returned later on with a larger group of Nomads. Unlike the Wraiths, they are a less-aggressive version of the group - open to making deals with littel violence.

Don’t let this fool you, though, they do engage in illegal activity such as transporting stolen goods and bootlegging. Additionally, some members smuggle goods to other gangs in other Crime Cities, further pushing civil unrest.

Besides some illegal activity, this gang generates income through manual farm labor and scavenging for goods.

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