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Todd Phillips' Joker 2 'Folie à Deux' Release Date Announced

Director Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix are returning in Joker: Folie à Deux, releasing in October 2024, with Lady Gaga joining the project.
Todd Phillips' Joker 2 'Folie à Deux' Release Date Announced

Warner Bros. Discovery had announced the sequel to the 2019 DC blockbuster hit, Joker, which will arrive on big screens in 2024. The sequel's release will come almost five years since the original film, with the original director, Todd Phillips, set for a return.

While the news will delight comic book fans worldwide, it does come on the back of significant changes to DC film and television properties. The first film amassed over $1 million at the box offices and 11 Academy Award nominations, Warner Bros. Discovery is banking on a repeat success for its sequel when it releases in 2024.

Joker sequel gets an October 2024 release date

Entertainment news outlet, Deadline reported that director Todd Phillips' sequel to the 2019 DC film, Joker, will be making its way to theatres globally on 4th October 2024. Phillips will also return to writing duties alongside partner Scott Silver, according to a post on Instagram, as production is slated to commence in December 2022.

A second image accompanying the post shows Academy Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix reading the script, indicating that he'll be returning to portray Arthur Fleck. Phoenix won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal at the star-studded awards ceremony in 2020, as the film also won Original Music Score for composer Hildur Guðnadóttir.

Additionally, the Joker sequel has a working title, Folie à Deux, highlighted in Phillips' Instagram post dated 8th June 2022. The working title is a French medical term referring to "the presence of the same or similar delusional ideas in two persons closely associated with one another," according to Merriam-Webster.

joker film sequel news working title folie a deux mental disorder symptoms shared
The Joker sequel's working title is "Folie à Deux," which could tease the film's plot. (Picture: Warner Bros.)

In simpler terms, this rare mental disorder is also known as "shared delusional disorder"; its symptoms are often shared or transferred between two parties or individuals. Given the themes of mental health prominent throughout the 2019 film, the sequel may see Fleck involved with another mind, which may see the possibility of more Jokers appearing in the film.

On the other hand, this may well see the reintroduction of another popular DC character being paired up with Fleck, with Harley Quinn being the top choice. It's unknown if the character will appear as his accomplice or love interest, but we know that Lady Gaga will join the cast.

joker film sequel news casting joaquin phoenix lady gaga
Academy Award-winner Joaquin Phoenix is set to return as Arthur Fleck, with Grammy-winning recording artist, Lady Gaga, joining the film. (Picture: Warner Bros.)

Regardless, the announcement comes following the news that The CW's The Flash series concludes after nine seasons. The Grant Gustin-led series is the last of the Arrowverse properties to bid farewell, with production to begin in September 2022.

Lastly, Warner Bros. Discovery shockingly scrapped the Batgirl film, originally scheduled to release on the streaming platform HBO Max. The film was currently in post-production before CEO David Zaslav shelved it with a sizable budget attached to the project.

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Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros.