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How to Get Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Get Arendelle's own Elsa to join your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Get Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

If you're looking to increase the Arendellian presence in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll eventually want to get Elsa herself as your friend. While getting to the Frozen Realm isn't too complex, you'll have to finish up several other quests before The Snow Queen will join your village.

Thankfully, you can make it happen while also working towardsa few other characters from the same beloved franchise. We'll go over everything you need to get Elsa in this Disney Dreamlight Valley guide.

How to Unlock Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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You'll start the process of getting Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley by first unlocking access to the Frozen Realm. Like other realms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to head to the Dreamlight Castle after racking up the necessary requirements. It takes 4,000 Dreamlight to unlock access to the Frozen Realm.

Once you're in, you won't actually be able to bring Elsa to your village right away. Her arrival will be brought forth by Anna, and you'll have to unlock Anna as a friend first. Once she's up to Friendship Level 2, you can jump to The Icy Invitation and unlock the ability to remove stumps while you're at it.

How to Complete An Icy Invitation

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Once you have the needed level for Anna, she'll bring you to the bridge in the Forest of Valor. You need to upgrade your shovel to clear out these pesky tree stumps and clear the path for Elsa.

Anna will ask you to gather the following:

  • 10x Softwood
  • 4x Hardwood
  • 4x Iron Ingots
  • 3x Tinkering Parts

The wood can be gathered from trees in several biomes across Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you'll need Iron Ore and Coal to craft the rest. As always, make sure you've got a mining companion with you to speed up the process of gathering both the Iron Ore and Coal. 

Once you've put everything together at a Crafting Station, take your upgraded Royal Shovel back to the bridge in the Forest of Valor and get rid of those tree stumps. After doing this, Anna will want to take a photo at the Ice Cavern just north of that bridge.

Snap your photo and head back to the Frozen Realm so you can deliver it to Elsa, after which she will finally join your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Make sure to then move forward with Elsa, as you'll later be able to upgrade your tools and break ice rocks.