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How to Finish The Housewarming in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Help Rapunzel settle in by finishing The Housewarming in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Finish The Housewarming in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time added three new character in their initial paid DLC release, and the arrival of Rapunzel also means new friendship quests. Fortunately, finishing up The Housewarming will also unlock the ability to move Rapunzel's Tower around Eternity Isle.

Along the way, you'll need to make use of the Royal Hourglass and find a variety of materials, some of which can be particularly frustrating to track down. We'll go over every step and location you need to finish The Housewarming in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete The Housewarming in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-01-11 20-56-13

As you begin to explore Eternity Isle, Rapunzel can be met in the Wild Tangle. You'll need to finish up The Sundial to unlock Rapunzel, and once you've got her to Friendship Level 2 it'll be time to tackle The Housewarming. Like most villagers, Rapunzel needs some help acclimating to her new environment.

Once you've spoken to Rapunzel and begun this quest, she'll send you to gather some Zinc, Tin, and Soil for her tower. Bring along a mining companion and get some Zinc from rock spots in the Wild Tangle, then head to the Glittering Dunes to snag some Tin from mining nodes. Soil will be the easiest, as you just want to dig up the ground anywhere in Ancient's Landing or most biomes in the main Dreamlight Valley.

Bring the materials to Rapunzel and it'll fix the door, but you now need to switch to the Hourglass. Bring along a timebending companion in case you score some other hidden treasure while searching for the following four items:

  • Wall Clock near the Docks
  • Cast-Iron Pan near the Oasis
  • Handheld Lantern near the Grasslands
  • Purple Cushion near the Promenade

If you haven't yet unlocked any of these locations, that will be a huge obstacle to finishing this quest. You can use our guide to get mist quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley to clear the path.

Rapunzel's Painting: Where to put her treasures

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024-01-211 20-58-19

After you've helped Rapunzel repair her tower, she'll give you a painting to check in your inventory. If you forgot to save a version of it before closing out, you can see that painting above.

Rapunzel needs you to place all four treasures. You can see the Wall Clock on the table at the far left corner of the painting, and the Handheld Lantern is on the small nightstand by the bed on the far right of the photo.

The Purple Pillow goes in the chair next to the bookcase, but it's the Cast Iron Pan that trips most players up. The Cast Iron Pan hangs just to the right of the door you'd use to exit the tower. Interact with each location to place the items and move forward with The Housewarming.

How to Build the Tropical Companion Home

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You've got one final step to wrap up The Housewarming, and that's because the capybaras need a home too. Rapunzel wants you to craft a Tropical Companion Home for them, but to do that there are four materials to gather.

Bamboo can be foraged throughout the Wild Tangle, but you'll need to go to The Plains or The Wastes to gather the Green Glass-Like Flowers. Some of the flower colors can be a bit tricky, so make a habit of picking up every flower you see when you're on the hunt in an area. Tropical Wood shouldn't be too hard to come by, just keep an eye out for it to drop near trees in the Wild Tangle.

Your last item will be one Spinel, and it can be found by mining rock spots in The Promenade and The Grove. Once you have all the items, go to a Crafting Station to build it and then place that item anywhere in the Wild Tangle. One last conversation with Rapunzel should wrap things up, and you'll have finished The Housewarming and unlocked the ability to move Rapunzel's Tower.