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How To Repair Wall-E In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's a full breakdown on how to repair Wall-E and get him back on track in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How To Repair Wall-E In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you explore the realm of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will undoubtedly meet various characters along the way. One of the myriads of characters you come across is the adorable Wall-E, who when you first meet him, requires your help in repairing a part of his robotic body.

So if you're looking for the answers regarding how to repair Wall-E in Disney Dreamlight valley, then we have exactly what you're looking for. Below you can find a quick and comprehensive guide on how to repair Wall-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley and make him a close friend for life. 

How To Repair Wall-E In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Similarly to the beginning of the Wall-E film, when players first meet Wall-E, he will need to repair his broken track. This time, however, he will employ the help of you, the player, to make things a lot easier. 

How To Repair Wall-E In Disney Dreamlight Valley find broken tracks
To repair Wall-E you'll need to find his spare tracks to replace his old broken ones. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

Once you speak to Wall-E and initiate his first quest "The Shy Little Robot" you will need to find a spare track for him to replace his old one. The tracks are in the refrigerator-turned storage boxes, but you'll need a crowbar to open them. 

To do so, locate the sparkly plot of land and dig with your shovel. The crowbar will appear from the ground and land next to you. Once you have the crowbar, you can then go through all of the storage boxes and collect whatever is inside. Doing this now will save you time later on when other quests require you to come back and look through them again. 

After some looking, you will find the spare track that WALL-E keeps in the corner refrigerator. Bring the track and whatever's inside to WALL-E so he can then repair himself and be eternally grateful to you for all your help.

Once done, Wall-E will now be one of your friends and help you during the various tasks you need to perform around the valley such as farming. It is also worth leveling up your friendship with Wall-E to improve the rate at which he farms and provides you with resources that you'll need for your home or for cooking. 

How To Repair Wall-E In Disney Dreamlight Valley after repair rewards and friendship
After repairing Wall-E he will become a friend that you can level up and get free items from later. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Chanel)

Wall-E will also occasionally provide you with a unique item once he's leveled up appropriately, similarly to all the other characters in the game. So it's definitely worth helping this friendly robot out with repairs when you first meet him. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney/Gameloft.