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How to Use Moana's Boat for Free Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of the best ways to collect fish early is by unlocking Moana's boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Use Moana's Boat for Free Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

There are a few different buildings that are key to unlock early in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but the most useful might be Moana's Boat. Once unlocked, you'll be able to collect rare fish completely free that will build up even when you aren't playing Disney Dreamlight Valley.

However, you'll have to knock out a few key quests to unlock Moana's Boat. If you've already got access to Dazzle Beach, make this Disney Dreamlight Valley quest a priority as soon as possible.

Fixing The Boat on Dazzle Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023-12-15 01-08-58

Once you gain access to Dazzle Beach, you may notice there's a busted up boat that can't be moved in decoration mode. This is because it's actually tied to a quest, and you'll need to get Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley to gain that boat's benefits. You can find a detailed guide here on how to unlock Moana.

Once you've gotten Moana to Friendship Level 2 and unlocked Dazzle Beach, you should gain access to her quest "Fixing The Boat" which will get this one rolling. After you follow Moana to the broken boat, she'll ask you to locate the following:

  • 50x Softwood
  • 70x Fiber
  • 3x Pink Hydrangea

You can gather the flowers around Dazzle Beach, whereas the Softwood will found by trees in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust. If you've unlocked it already, you can also purchase Softwood in bulk from Kristoff's Stall.

As for the fiber, it's time to go fishing as you need to collect some seaweed. Bring a fishing companion along with you, and go fishing in any open water without ripples. You'll need to collect at least 14x Seaweed which can be turned into 70x Fiber at the crafting station.

You'll be tasked with crafting some of these materials into 4x Rope, 3x Rustic Wooden Case, and 3x Basket. Finally, deliver the items and Moana's Boat will become available in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Collect the "strange object" on the ground, which is a Leader Shard that will be key to a future friendship quest with Moana. 

How to Upgrade Moana's Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023-12-15 01-17-58

Like most shops or buildings in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can upgrade Moana's Boat with the Scrooge McDuck sign. While upgrading Goofy's Stall might just give you new items to buy, Moana's Boat has several different benefits.

With each upgrade, you'll increase the amount of slots for collected fish and the speed at which Moana can gather them. Most importantly, your energy cost while fishing will actually be decreased with each upgrade.

Here's how much each Moana's Boat upgrade costs and what you'll get:

  • Level 2 (1000 Gold): 4 Slots, New Fish Every 20min, -4% Fishing Energy Cost
  • Level 3 (2000 Gold): 6 Slots, New Fish Every 15min, -6% Fishing Energy Cost
  • Level 4 (3500 Gold): 8 Slots, New Fish Every 12min, -8% Fishing Energy Cost
  • Level 5 (5000 Gold): 10 Slots, New Fish Every 10min, -10% Fishing Energy Cost
  • Level 6 (10000 Gold): 12 Slots, New Fish Every 9min, -12% Fishing Energy Cost
  • Level 7 (20000 Gold): 14 Slots, New Fish Every 8min, -14% Fishing Energy Cost
  • Level 8 (30000 Gold): 16 Slots, New Fish Every 7min, -16% Fishing Energy Cost
  • Level 9 (40000 Gold): 18 Slots, New Fish Every 6min30sec, -18% Fishing Energy Cost
  • Level 10 (50000 Gold): 20 Slots, New Fish Every 6min, -20% Fishing Energy Cost
  • Level 11 (60000 Gold): Rare fish types added to the collection pool

While that's a steep cost for the highest tiers of Moana's Boat, it'll more than pay itself off down the line by the sheer volume of fish it will bring in. If you need help gathering the funds, we've got more details here on how to get coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley.