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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Flying Metal Nuisance Guide

You need to finish The Flying Metal Nuisance to get the Royal Hourglass in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time.
Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Flying Metal Nuisance Guide
GINX/Patches Chance

New content continues to add characters to Disney Dreamlight Valley, and EVE joins in the expansion A Rift in Time. If you want her help, you'll need to complete The Flying Metal Nuisance from finding the memory location to whipping up that robot fish into a meal.

Fortunately, this quest will also hellp you get the Royal Hourglass, a powerful new tool to use in Eternity Isle. We'll break down every step up The Flying Metal Nuisance so you can snag that Hourglass in Disney Dreamlight Valley and get time under control.

The Flying Metal Nuisance (EVE) & Royal Hourglass Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Flying Metal Nuisance

When you first arrive on Eternity Isle you'll have to finish a few different steps acclimating to the region and understanding your new powers. After you've repaired the Ancient Sphere and spoken to Jafar by the Broken Bridge, the focus will have to turn towards The Flying Metal Nuisance.

While critical to the main story of Eternity Isle and your path to getting another one of the Royal Tools, this is also how you'll start to bring EVE into your Disney Dreamlight Valley world. When you first arrive in Eternity Isle, there's an area with stalls and a few waterfalls nearby Scrooge McDuck's (initially closed) new shop location.

After you've progressed far enough to break Copper Rocks, you'll be able to cross the bridge and find EVE, or "The Flying Metal Nuisance" as Jafar insists on calling her. After you speak to EVE, you'll have to go back to a pedastal to communicate with Jafar and move forward with this Disney Dreamlight Valley quest.

Remove the Piles of Junk inside EVE's House to find a clue

Disney Dreamlight Valley EVE House Wall-E

After speaking to Jafar, he'll suggest checking inside EVE's House for some clue as to how she'll be reassured and allow you access to the Royal Hourglass. You'll find EVE's House back not far from where she was located, and now you can head inside.

Simply follow the on-screen button prompt to wipe out the Piles of Junk, and you'll discover a memory. This becomes the key to the rest of this quest, and you'll need to go speak to Jafar again to move to the next stage.

Location: Hidden Area & Robot Costume from the Memory

Disney Dreamlight Valley Hidden Area Memory

The bridge that you crossed to reach EVE, to one side of it is a waterfall blocking a hidden area which happens to be where you need to go for this Memory. Walk into the tunnel and the quest should trigger to show you've found it.

Once inside, you'll be told to Find the Robot Costume from the Memory. This is a two-piece costume, but both pieces are in the chest in the corner of this room which can't be opened unless you've reached this stage in the quest.

Put the costume back on and head back to EVE. While it will reassure her somewhat, she'll now want you to prove that you're her old friend by cooking the meal seen in the Memory.

Best Fish Forever Recipe (Robot Fish & Sea Snail Locations)

Disney Dreamlight Valley Robot Fish

It's now time to cook the Best Fish Forever. Of course, you'll need the following four ingredients from around Ancient's Landing for this recipe:

  • Robot Fish
  • Cumin
  • Celery
  • Sea Snail

Cumin is the easiest as you'll want to just look for the white flowers you can Harvest around Ancient's Landing. You may find some Celery seeds by clearing Splinters of Fate, but you can also get them once the Goofy's Stall in Ancient's Landing has been setup.

As for the Robot Fish and Sea Snail, you'll find both by fishing in Orange or Blue Ripples around Ancient's Landing where you first arrive on Eternity Isle. Once you've gathered all the ingredients for the Best Fish Forever recipe, use the cooking station near the docks or one in your house to cook the meal.

How to Unlock Hourglass & EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley EVE Hourglass

You've put in all the legwork, and now it's time to wrap things up. Once you've finished cooking the Best Fish Forever, take that meal to EVE at the same location you originally found her.

EVE will be hesitant at first, but will appreciate the meal and this will give her the reassurance to retrieve the Royal Hourglass from the wall behind her. This will also allow EVE to start moving about the island and leads to the DIRECTIVE: DANGER quest to get that friendship started.

Return to the Broken Bridge and speak to Jafar at the pedastal, and you'll learn that your Royal Hourglass isn't yet strong enough to repair the bridge. You'll have to continue your Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time journey to do so, but talking to him completes The Flying Metal Nuisance quest.