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How to Get Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlock classic Lion King villain Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley and heal the Sunlit Plateau.
How to Get Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

Not every new character is tied to a specific realm you have to visit, and to get Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley you'll have plenty of work to do. Fortunately, there are plenty of other benefits that will come with the steps required to unlock Scar.

Below, we'll break down each step in this guide to get Scar as a friend in your Disney Dreamlight Valley village. Once you do, some especially important quests await behind his friendship levels.

How to Get Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Nature & Nurture)

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Before you can reach Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll have to finish a few other quests cleansing pillars in earlier regions. You then need to spend 7,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Sunlit Plateau, which will provide an entirely new biome worth of items to you.

You can find the Giant Skull of note that houses Scar just to the right after you enter the Sunlit Plateau, but it won't be accessible if you haven't finished the right quests. That includes finishing The Curse, which frees Mother Gothel in the Glade of Trust.

Explore the Vitalys mines and find whatever's blocking the river

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After you've done the proper quests you can enter the Giant Skull and speak to Scar, at which point he'll send you on a quest to the Vitalys Mines. The entrance to these is right before the river in the middle of Sunlit Plateau, and just inside you'll be trying to reach an elevated area to your right.

Unfortunately, that path is blocked. Head to the left inside the mines, and continue breaking rocks and clearing Night Thorns until you reach the elevated area with water and a very conspicuous barrell. We recommend bringing any villager that gives you bonuses while mining, as the Vitalys Crystals will be needed later on.

After you reach the barrel up top, a message will point you to a mining camp where a green chest holds the recipe for Extra Fizzy Root Beer. Using it back in the mine will open things up as well as trigger some cutscenes, but after the dust settles Merlin will task you with making Miracle Growth Elixer.

You need those Vitalys Crystals as well as some rich soil (gained by harvesting planted crops) and a bit of Dreamlight. The Nature & Nurture quest will then tell you to plant the Orb of Nurturing, but you need some patience.

How long until the Orb of Nurturing is fully restored?

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After you've crafted the Miracle Growth Elixer and planted the Orb of Nurturing, you'll be told to "tend to the Orb of Nurturing until it's fully restored." The game does at least warn you "this might take a few days," but it doesn't clarify an exact timeframe.

You actually need to wait at least 48 hours until the Orb of Nurturing will be finished growing, but it has to be watered regularly. Make sure to check on it regularly during those 48 hours and water it if you can, and you will finally finish Nature & Nurture in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

From here, you'll need to then work on improving your friendship level with scar and completing his friendship quests. These will help you break those pesky bones littering the Sunlit Plateau.