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Where To Get Tomato Seeds In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Tomato Seeds are required to complete Ursula's Puzzle. Here are all the locations to find it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Where To Get Tomato Seeds In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The recent release of Gameloft's popular adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley has players eager to interact with their favorite characters, exploring quests while unlocking the many Disney and Pixar playable characters.

Obtaining Tomato Seeds is vital to complete the "With Great Power" quest to free Ursula from The Little Mermaid. This guide detail everything about Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including where you find and farm them and which characters sell them.

How to find Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

how to get tomato seeds disney dreamlight valley
You can purchase Tomato Seeds at Goofy’s Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Picture: Disney / Gameloft)

There are many ways Tomato Seeds can be used in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The most obvious use of Tomato Seeds is as a cooking ingredient to make Tomato Soup in the game. However, it's also a key material required to complete the With Great Power quest, which sees you try to free The Little Mermaid’s Ursula.

To free Ursula, you'll have to place various seeds (including Tomato Seeds) at large statues as part of the quest. You can farm Tomato Seeds in the Peaceful Meadow by removing Night Thrones and by breaking Rock.

However, this can be time-consuming. So instead, you'll want to use Goofy’s Stall as it is the quickest way to obtain Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

disney dreamlight valley tomato seed locations where to find
The purple icon is where you can find Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach. (Picture: Disney / Gameloft)

How much do Tomato Seeds cost in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You can buy different fruit and vegetables at Goofy’s Stall, including Tomato Seeds for 8 Star Coins. If you don’t have enough Gold to purchase this item, you can sell some of your extra items or mine for more Gold by clearing Night Thrones or Mining Stones.

Goofy’s Stall is located in the Dazzle Beach area; however, you'll need to upgrade it before Goofy can offer to sell you Tomato Seeds.

Using Scrooge’s sign, you can upgrade Goofy's Stall for 2,000 Star Coins. Once complete, you'll be able to purchase Tomato Seeds and Bananas. Tomatoes will take about 25 minutes to grow, and you can harvest 3 Tomatoes from each seedling.

And that concludes our guide on where to get Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney / Gameloft.