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Upgrade Your House In Disney Dreamlight Valley - Expansion Guide

Build your dream house with our guide on how to upgrade and expand your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Upgrade Your House In Disney Dreamlight Valley - Expansion Guide

Although you may have humble beginnings in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as you progress through the game, you'll be increasing your resources, abilities, and most importantly, the place you call home. But upgrading your house can be a lengthy and expensive process if you're not sure what to do, luckily that's where this guide comes in.

We will be walking you through step by step how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley, from expanding the space you have to work with and adding more features to your expanding homestead

Upgrade Your House In Disney Dreamlight Valley - Expansion Guide

The process of upgrading and expanding your home in Disney Dreamlight Valley isn't exactly straightforward and requires a few steps before you begin knocking out walls and adding new rooms to your home. The first step is to get into the good books of Scrooge McDuck

Upgrade Your House In Disney Dreamlight Valley Expansion Guide SPeaking to Scrooge McDuck and doing his quests
Unlocking home upgrades is possible when you complete Scrooge McDuck's quests. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

Speak to Scrooge and begin doing his questlines, which include buying items from his shop, wearing some of his finest apparel items, and bringing more customers to his store. This will eventually allow you to unlock the Crafting Station, which you'll need to use later in the game. 

After doing most of his quests, you'll unlock the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 quest, where you’ll need to sell off seven gems at Goofy’s stall. This requires unlocking all seven of Goofy's stalls throughout Dreamlight Valley, and luckily, we have a full guide on how to unlock all of Goofy's stalls that you can check out to learn more.

Return to Scrooge McDuck after finishing this, and he will give you an overview of house improvements. Now enter your house and scan the area to the left of the front door. There will now be a menu available that can be used to upgrade the interior of your home by increasing the size of rooms for the prices below:

  • Medium upgrade: 1000 star coins

  • Large upgrade: 2000 star coins

After performing your first upgrade, head back out to speak to Scrooge McDuck who will describe the mechanics of upgrading your home. After this, you will be able to interact with a McDuck sign outside your home, which will be used to upgrade the exterior of your home as described below:

  • First upgrade (2,000 star coins): Unlock option to build new rooms

  • Second upgrade (20,000 star coins): Unlock the second floor

  • Third upgrade (75,000 star coins): Unlock the third floor

Upgrade Your House In Disney Dreamlight Valley Expansion Guide internal and external upgrades
Players can make interior and exterior home upgrades to increase their room sizes and total number of rooms. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

Each exterior upgrade you make will contribute to the overall size of your house and allow you to add more floors where you can place more items or create rooms for specific purposes. Then you can head inside and use the menu to the left to begin customizing each room to your liking and turn your regular house into your dream home. 

For more on the game, check out our section dedicated to Disney Dreamlight Valley news, guides, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Disney/Gameloft.