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When Will Dead by Daylight 2024 Anniversary Event Start?

Dead by Daylight's 2024 anniversary event is coming soon, so here's what you need to know.
When Will Dead by Daylight 2024 Anniversary Event Start?
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Every year, Dead by Daylight celebrates its anniversary with one of the game's biggest events of the year. The anniversary events - such as last year's Twisted Masquerade - feature new limited-time gameplay, rewards, and more. Here's everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight's 2024 8th anniversary event, including when it begins and ends, and what you can expect in terms of rewards and gameplay.

9 April 2024 - We've checked for any new leaks or information relating to the Dead by Daylight Anniversary Event.

When will the Dead by Daylight Anniversary Event for 2024 Start and End?

Dead by Daylight's anniversary falls on the 14th of June. The 8th anniversary of Dead by Daylight is on 14 June, 2024. Past events have usually taken place around this time, and usually last 1–2 months. Dead by Daylight's anniversary events are some of the game's biggest events each year, and are therefore also some of the longest-lasting ones.

Last year's celebration, the 2023 Twisted Masquerade, took place from 22 June 2023 until 13 July 2023. Here are all the past DBD anniversary event dates to give you a sense of when this years event should take place:

DBD Anniversary

Start Date

End Date

1st Year Anniversary

14th June 2017

20th June 2017

2nd Year Anniversary

14 June 2018

9 July 2018

3rd Year Anniversary

18 June 2019

2 July 2019

4th Year Anniversary

23 June 2020

14 July 2020

5th Year Anniversary

30 June 2021

15 July 2021 (extended to 22 July)

6th Year Anniversary (Twisted Masquerade)

16 June 2022

30 June 2022

7th Year Anniversary (Twisted Masquerade)

22 June 2023

13 July 2023

Dead by Daylight anniversary
Dead by Daylight's 8th anniversary is approaching. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

What rewards to expect from Dead by Daylight's Anniversary Event this year?

Every year, Dead by Daylight gives out a series of rewards during its anniversary event to celebrate the occasion. Some years, players have been able to get shiny crowns for their characters' heads; in more recent years, fans have been able to earn Masquerade Masks for both killers and survivors.

It's possible that the masquerade theme could continue this year, with another Twisted Masquerade coming up - but it's also possible that we could see the return of crowns from prior years, or even an all-new type of cosmetic for fans to earn.

What gameplay changes to expect from Dead by Daylight's Anniversary Event?

Along with rewards, the Dead by Daylight anniversary events usually feature some altered gameplay to add to the fun. Players are usually able to bring along a limited-time event offering with them for bonus Bloodpoints, and there's also usually an event tome available with special challenges throughout the celebration.

Bringing along the special event offering spawns an interactable totem, which, in 2023, granted players on both sides with a little bonus when they interacted with it. (Survivors could  spawn a pallet to drop on the killer, stunning them for a short time; killers were granted the ability to break pallets from across the map.) It's very possible that this feature could return in 2024.

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