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Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade 2023: Start Time, Rewards & More

Dead by Dayilght's 2023 Twisted Masquerade event will feature new cosmetics, challenges, and more.
Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade 2023: Start Time, Rewards & More

Dead by Daylight's 7th-anniversary stream kicked off today, meaning that the Twisted Masquerade 2023 event is right around the corner. The anniversary celebration brings in new cosmetic rewards like Masquerade masks, as well as a unique in-game challenge for killers and survivors.

This year's anniversary event seems like it will contain even more new content than the last, with a month-long celebration taking place beforehand. Let's look at what's in store for Dead by Daylight's 2023 Twisted Masquerade event, from when it's set to begin to what you can expect out of the rewards and in-game challenges, and content.

twisted masquerade dbd
Dead by Daylight's 2023 Twisted Masquerade event introduces new masks. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade 2023 Start Time

Dead by Daylight's 7th anniversary will begin in June. While the actual event might be in June, the 2023 celebration will last a whole month, with each week honoring a different 2 years of Dead by Daylight's history.

  • Week 1: Bloodhunt
  • Week 2: 2x Rift Fragments
  • Week 3: Community Choice Event And Chapter 28 Release

Here's a deeper look at the Dead By Daylight Before The Masquerade event, outlining the rewards for every week. Giveaways for previous anniversary cosmetics, including Year 5 crowns and more, will be ongoing throughout the event once it begins.

New Twisted Masquerade Rewards For 2023

Dead by Daylight's 2023 7th anniversary celebration event marks the return of masquerade masks, a fan-favorite cosmetic introduced during the 6th anniversary event in 2022. Players will be able to collect 12 new cosmetics for 12 characters, including:

  • The Oni
  • The Blight
  • The Knight
  • The Legion
  • The Nurse
  • The Singularity
  • Felix Richter
  • Gabriel Soma
  • Jeff Johansen
  • Jonah Vasquez
  • Meg Thomas
  • Zarina Kassir
Twisted Masquerade 2023 Masks
Twisted Masquerade is adding 12 new masks in 2023

Twisted Masquerade In-Game Celebration Changes

While the Twisted Masquerade masks are back, the way to get them is a little different than in the past. Previously, players could grab their Invitations in the match, and either escape with it as survivors or finish the game as killer to earn a cosmetic reward. Once per escape or finished match as survivor or killer respectively, you'd immediately earn the cosmetic.

This year, though, the Invitation can also be used for another purpose. Instead of earning a cosmetic immediately upon grabbing the Invitation, you'll instead get a Charge. Killers and survivors alike will be able to activate a special power for killers after grabbing it, or hold on to it until the end of the match in order to unlock the cosmetic. 

Grabbing the Invitation gives killers the ability to reduce the impact of a stun, remotely break a pallet or breakable wall, and even inflict Exposed during Bloodlust. For survivors, they can either spawn a pallet to use or hide their aura from the killer using the Invitaton's charges.

Dead by Daylight's 7th anniversary celebration is kicking off soon, so stay tuned for more info and updates as the event goes live!

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