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Dead by Daylight's Chucky Tiffany Skin Is Voiced By Jennifer Tilly

Chucky won't be joining Dead by Daylight alone, as his bride, TIffany, will join him.
Dead by Daylight's Chucky Tiffany Skin Is Voiced By Jennifer Tilly

Dead by Daylight recently announced that Chucky would be the game's next killer, with players being able to try him out in the PTB starting yesterday, 8 November 2023. There's another new face coming to Dead by Daylight that isn't in the Public Test Build, though: Tiffany, Chucky's bride. She'll have her own voice lines, and even her own Mori that's unique from her partner's.

Like Chucky, who will be voiced by Brad Dourif, Tiffany's voice will be provided by her original voice actress, Jennifer Tilly. Tilly is an iconic "scream queen," taking on roles in not just Child's Play but also The Haunted Mansion and Bound. It's good to hear that Tilly will reprise her role as Tiffany in Dead by Daylight since it'd certainly feel out of place to hear Chucky's iconic original voice coupled with an unfamiliar one for Tiffany.

tiffany chucky dead by daylight
Chucky will have Tiffany by his side in Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Also like Chucky, Tiffany will join the game on 28 November. This will be players' first chance to try her out since she isn't available to play on the PTB (as is typical; cosmetics are never released during the PTB). She'll be a legendary cosmetic for Chucky rather than a character of her own, meaning that she'll likely cost 1485 Auric Cells and won't have her own personal perks separate from her partner's. 

No word on Tiffany's Dead by Daylight Mori is quite yet, or how it differs from Chucky's - but we can definitely imagine it'll feature some great lines from Jennifer Tilly and an animation that pays homage to the Child's Play franchise. Tiffany will be the second legendary cosmetic in Dead by Daylight to boast her own Mori, with the first being the recently added Naughty Bear. Perhaps Tiffany's special Mori, along with Naughty Bear's, could open the door to even more legendary cosmetics getting their own special kills.

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