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Dead By Daylight Into The Fog Livestream - Where To Watch, Time, More

Here is where and how to watch the upcoming September 2022 Dead by Daylight Into The Fog Livestream, featuring the game's well-known Fog Whisperers.
Dead By Daylight Into The Fog Livestream - Where To Watch, Time, More

September is here, and it's now time for this year's Into The Fog event in Dead by Daylight.

The Into The Fog livestream is an annual event by the Behaviour Interactive team to celebrate the game's Fog Whisperers, who are streamers and content creators officially partnered with Dead by Daylight.

This year's event is sure to be better than ever, with the current hype around the game and the recent release of Resident Evil Project W, featuring Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers. 

Here is everything we know about the upcoming festivities, including where to watch, how to watch, and what will be happening.

Dead by Daylight - Into The Fog September 2022

Dead by daylight into the fog
Dead by Daylight's Into The Fog event celebrates the game's vibrant content creator community. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Dead by Daylight Into The Fog livestream event is an annual occurrence, and it's meant to honor the game's Fog Whisperers, who lead the community and create awesome Dead by Daylight content. 

The 2022 Into The Fog event will likely include a tournament, discussion from popular streamers and content creators, and giveaways of gifted subs or even in-game codes.

"Glory, victory, and Gifted Subs are on the line," the Dead by Daylight team said on their official Twitter about the event.

It's unknown which DBD content creators might be involved in the event for 2022, but some of the Fog Whisperers who participated last year include Otzdarva, OhTofu, DragTrashly, DieHardDiva, and SpookyLoopz. It's possible many of them may make a return.

How To Watch Into The Fog

dead by daylight into the fog
Fans can watch Into The Fog live on Twitch. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The 2022 Dead by Daylight Into The Fog event will take place on 14th September at 11 AM ET. Last year's Into The Fog event was an all-day affair, with almost twenty content creators on board. It's likely that this year's event will be just as lengthy - and just as fun.

You can watch the event live on the official Dead by Daylight Twitch.

Now you know everything there is to know about the upcoming Into The Fog event so you can tune in for yourself and check out what's in store for fans of the game's Fog Whisperers.

For more horror content, check out our dedicated section for the latest Dead by Daylight news, leaks, updates, guides, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.



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