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Dead by Daylight - All Ada Wong Perks

Resident Evil Project W is coming to Dead by Daylight, and Ada Wong is among the survivors. Here are all of Ada Wong's perks and descriptions.
Dead by Daylight - All Ada Wong Perks

Dead by Daylight has partnered with Resident Evil for another new chapter, including Albert Wesker as the killer and Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong as survivors.

Each of these characters brings three unique perks into the Fog with them. Here are all of Ada Wong's perks in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight - Ada Wong Perks

ada wong dead by daylight perks
Ada Wong has three teachable perks. (Picture: Capcom)

Ada Wong's three Dead by Daylight perks, Wiretap, Reactive Healing, and Low Profile, reflect her resourceful and independent personality from the Resident Evil franchise.

Using these perks, she can keep careful tabs on the killer, communicate information to other survivors, and protect herself when left alone with the killer.


  • You know that the best way to stay one step ahead is to keep tabs on the competition.
  • After repairing Generators for a total of 33 %, Wiretap activates:
    • After repairing a Generator for 3 seconds, press the Active Ability button to install a Wiretap, which stays active for 60/70/80seconds.
    • The Auras of trapped Generators are revealed to all Survivors in yellow.
  • When the Killer comes within 14 metres of a trapped Generator, their Aura is revealed to all Survivors.
    • Damaging the Generator destroys the Wiretap.

Reactive Healing

  • The more the situation becomes compromised, the more determined you become to complete the operation.
  • When another Survivor loses a Health State within 32 metres of your location while you are in the Injured State, you benefit from the following effect:
    • Grants 25/30/35% of your missing Healing Progression.

Low Profile

  • You work best alone.
  • When it is just you and your pursuer, you know how to disappear.
  • When you become the last Survivor remaining in the Trial, Low Profile activates:
    • Suppresses your Pools of Blood and Scratch Marks for 70/80/90seconds, after which Low Profile deactivates.
ada wong dead by daylight
Ada Wong's perks reflect her independence and resourcefulness, staying true to her Resident Evil origins. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Wiretap is perhaps the strongest of Ada's perks, giving the team significant information about the killer's location throughout the match. Reactive Healing sounds like it will grant situational value, while Low Profile will only come into play if you're the last survivor alive - a situation you should hope not to find yourself in.

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight news, guides, leaks, tips, and tricks, be sure to check out our dedicated category.


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.

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