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Dead by Daylight - All Rebecca Chambers Perks

Resident Evil Project W Is here, and Rebecca Chambers is one of the new survivors. Here are all of Rebecca Chambers' perks in Dead by Daylight.
Dead by Daylight - All Rebecca Chambers Perks

Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil Project W, featuring Albert Wesker as the killer and Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong as survivors, is now out on the Dead by Daylight 6.2.0 PTB.

Whether you're playing the Public Test Build this week or waiting until the chapter to check it out, it's important to know the new Resident Evil characters' perks, so you can know both how to use them and counter them if you come across them. Here are all of the Dead by Daylight perks belonging to Resident Evil's Rebecca Chambers, a prodigy and R.P.D member.

Rebecca Chambers Perks

Rebecca chambers dead by daylight perks
Rebecca Chambers is an intelligent biochemist and healer. (Picture: Capcom)

Rebecca Chambers' three teachable perks, Better Than New, Reassurance, and Hyperfocus, focus on assisting her team in interesting and new ways.

Better Than New benefits the team with an action speed bonus, while Reassurance causes the sacrifice process for other survivors on hook to slow down. Hyperfocus allows you to complete generators more efficiently, helping everyone eventually escape.

Better Than New

  • You are an expert in combat medicine. Patients leave your care reinvigorated.
  • Upon completing a Healing action on another Survivor, they benefit from the following effects for the next 25/30/35 seconds:
    • Increases their Action speeds in Repairing, Healing, Unlocking, and Cleansing by +6%.


  • Your presence helps allies focus, assuaging the panic associated with extreme conditions.
  • When within 6 meters of a hooked Survivor, press the Active Ability button to halt their Sacrifice Process for the next 20/25/30 seconds.        
  • If the hooked Survivor has already entered the Struggle Phase, its Skill Checks are paused for that duration.  
  • Reassurance has a cool-down of 40 seconds.
dead by daylight reasurrance rebecca chambers perk
Reassurance stops survivors from succumbing to the Entity on hook, giving the team a longer window of time to save them. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)


  • You throw yourself entirely into your tasks and find ways to be more efficient than anyone else.  
  • After hitting a Great Skill Check while repairing or healing, Hyperfocus gains 1 Token, up to a maximum of 6 Tokens
  • For each Token, the following stack-able effects are applied:      
    • Increases the Skill Check Trigger odds by +2 % per Token. 
    • Increases the Skill Check Rotation speed by +4 % per Token.  
    • Increases the Skill Check Bonus progression by 10/20/30 % of its base value per Token.
  • Hyperfocus loses all Tokens when succeeding a Good Skill Check, failing a Skill Check, or if the action is interrupted by any means.

Note that Reassurance can be used multiple times on the same hooked survivor; for example, you could pause their hook state for 30 seconds, wait for the cooldown to end, and use it again to extend their time on hook to over three minutes.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.

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