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Dead by Daylight Double XP Weekend - July 2022

Dead by Daylight Double XP Weekend July 2022 has arrived, and it's time to grind some Iridescent Shards. Find out how down below.
Dead by Daylight Double XP Weekend - July 2022

The Dead by Daylight Double XP Weekend (July 2022) has arrived and is the perfect opportunity for players to farm Iridescent Shards and purchase teachable perks or cosmetics to bling out players’ favorite characters.

For the uninitiated, Iridescent Shards are a currency rewarded through gaining experience and leveling an account; these take a bit longer to grind than Bloodpoints. However, Bloodpoints have a capped limit of one million points, while Shards don’t.

As a result, the Dead by Daylight Double XP Weekend is the perfect opportunity to put on sweat-soaking wristbands and play for hours on end while earning twice the amount of Shards each match. Here's everything you need to know.

Dead by Daylight July 2022 Double XP Weekend - Start Date

double xp weekend dbd dead by daylight 2022 july
Iridescent Shards are used in the in-game shop. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Dead by Daylight Double XP Weekend officially starts on 15th July 2022 and runs for five days, ending on 19th July 2022. Throughout the limited-time event, players can use the Shards they’ve earned and purchase items or perks in the in-game shop.

In addition, players can bedazzle their favorite characters through purchasable cosmetics or use those Shards to buy perks through Dead by Daylight’s Shrine of Perks.

Subsequently, during the event, the week’s edition of Shrine of Perks features Ace in the Hole, Bloodhound, Monitor and Abuse, and Solidarity. Some of these teachable perks are extremely helpful, like Monitor and Abuse.

It’s worth acquiring perks from the Shrine as they’re permanent and don’t require players to boost Killers or Survivors to the max Bloodweb level to spread their perks across other characters’ kits.

dbd dead by daylight double xp weekend july 2022
Try keeping matches going for roughly ten minutes to earn the most experience. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

To improve players’ chances of earning Shards, the first game each day rewards extra experience, but afterward, players will have to keep playing during the event. Try keeping Dead by Daylight matches for around ten minutes to reduce any time wasted in grinding during the limited-time event. This rule is essential because the game caps the experience at precisely ten minutes.

Also, players should keep an eye on the Emblems they can score during matches. There are four earnable Emblems for Survivors and Killers; by gaining these Emblems, whether for killing Survivors or repairing engines as a Survivor, gaining experience will be much quicker.

The Dead by Daylight Double XP Weekend follows the announcement of a collaboration between the game and popular anime series, Attack on Titan. It seems like Dead by Daylight is reeling in players to play the game during such a great

And that's all. For more related game content, check out our section dedicated to Dead by Daylight tips, guides, leaks, news, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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