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COD Warzone Prime Gaming February Rewards: FREE bundle

As part of the Prime Gaming rewards program, you will get monthly benefits for Warzone that includes some great surprises for this month.
COD Warzone Prime Gaming February Rewards: FREE bundle
Warzone Pacific has had some bright moments since the game went through the merger of Vanguard in 2021 and getting to explore Caldera has become a little easier when using the Prime Gaming rewards we get every month.

The vastness of the map that replaced Verdansk combined with some great game modes available on Rebirth Island makes us want to have as much arsenal available to us as possible and Amazon has helped us build some nice loadouts.

The Prime Gaming program provides members with some free weaponry and cosmetics like calling cards, emblems, charms among many other perks and we will review everything we will get with the February bundle.

February's Prime Gaming rewards for Warzone Pacific

COD Warzone Pacific Prime Gaming Feb Rewards 1
A new look for Constanze and a Legendary weapon blueprint for an assault rifle are this month’s rewards for Amazon users. (Picture: Activision)

First off, let’s take a look at everything included in the “Strategic Assault” bundle that is part of February’s Prime Gaming program:

  • Legendary “Gilded Enthusiasm” Weapon Blueprint
  • Epic Skin “Desert Duelist” - Constanze
  • Epic “Diurnal” Calling Card
  • Epic “Desert Ride” Calling Card
  • Epic “Aviators” Charm
  • Epic “Toy Helmet” Charm
  • Rare “Twin Steel” Emblem
  • Common “Salesman” Gesture

If you think that only because it’s free it must be bad you may want to look twice at these rewards as there are some cool visuals as well as one of the most sought after blueprints (Gilded Enthusiasm)of the catalogue for the BAR assault rifle.

COD Warzone Pacific Prime Gaming Feb Rewards 2
If you are already an Amazon Prime member you might as well get some perks for Vanguard/Warzone while you’re at it.. (Picture: Activision)

The “Strategic Assault” bundle was released during the early days of Season 1 when the Vanguard weapons arrived at Warzone and the BAR AR started to impress players as it maintained the weapon’s damage output while drastically diminishing the recoil.

A couple of clean and minimalistic calling cards, a rugged operator skin for Constanze, a couple of fun charms, a cool gesture and a complementary emblem round up this month's bundle.

If did not have the opportunity to snatch this bundle last year we totally recommend you to take advantage of the Amazon membership you already have and continue to claim some amazing rewards every month.

Linking your Activision and Amazon account is actually very simple and then you can claim rewards for Warzone Pacific and a plethora of other great video game titles.


Feature image courtesy of Activision.