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Haunted By Daylight: How To Get Dark Trinkets

Here's how to get more Dark Trinkets during Haunted by Daylight 2023.
Haunted By Daylight: How To Get Dark Trinkets
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's 2023 Haunted by Daylight event introduced a new type of limited-time in-game currency called Dark Trinkets. These Trinkets can be exchanged for rewards in the Event Shop, allowing players to get their own survivor skeleton shirts, killer candy weapons, and many more for their efforts.

Earning these Dark Trinkets is a surprisingly challenging task, but by completing the event, you'll have enough to get every reward. Here's how to earn more Dark Trinkets during the Haunted by Daylight 2023 event.

Haunted By Daylight: How To Get Dark Trinkets

dead by daylight dark trinkets
Dark Trinkets can be earned by completing challenges in the Void. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dark Trinkets can only be earned during the Haunted by Daylight event. There is only one way to earn them, and it's completing event challenges in the event Tome. These challenges mostly involve using Void Energy to open up Voids, Releasing Haunts within the Void Zones, and interacting with event Generators and Hooks.

Some challenges award more Dark Trinkets than others, so check out the rewards for each challenge in the Tome before you complete them. It's best to prioritize completing challenges that will open up a path to the Epilogue; for claiming this tile and completing the level, you'll get a huge sum of Dark Trinkets.

Haunted By Daylight: Will I Have Enough Dark Trinkets To Buy All Rewards?

The Haunted by Daylight challenges offer players a good bit of Dark Trinkets for completing them, with extra bonuses at the end of the Tome. But is that enough to buy every reward in the in-game reward shop?

Yes, players will have the opportunity to earn enough Dark Trinkets to buy all rewards. If you complete all challenges in the Event Tome levels 1 and 2, you won't need to pick and choose what you buy; you'll have enough to purchase everything.


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