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How To Find All Marker Fragments In Dead Space Remake

Learn how to collect all Marker Fragments and unlock the Alternate Ending in Dead Space Remake to earn the Reunion Trophy.
How To Find All Marker Fragments In Dead Space Remake

EA Motive's decision to include an Alternate Ending in the Dead Space Remake certainly caught avid players off-guard, but it was a welcoming addition. While the original game never added a secret ending after the game had wrapped up, the remake provides you with a different perspective on the events, which we won't give any spoilers.

The unfortunate part of how you can unlock the Alternate Ending is that it's part of the New Game Plus (NG+) Mode, meaning you'll have to relive the horrors of USG Ishimura once more. We've explored how you can find the marker Fragments in Dead Space Remake.

Where To Find The Marker Fragments In Dead Space Remake

Right out of the gate, you need to complete the game and replay it on NG+ to start collecting these Marker Fragments. Specifically, you'll have to collect all Marker Fragments, as they won't appear in your first game playthrough. Furthermore, since there is a Marker Fragment in every chapter, you must find them all, as you won't be allowed to replay the chapters to unlock the secret ending. We've explained where to find all the Marker Fragments in Dead Space Remake below.

Chapter 1 – New Arrivals

After receiving two mission objectives: "Replace the Damaged Tram" and "Find the Data Board," choose the latter option and progress toward the Maintenance Bay. Then, take the elevator up before using the Circuit Breaker to redirect the power to Maintenance and head back down.

Look for the Maintenance Office room on your map and head inside to find the Data Board. Before collecting the item, head right to find a glowing purple object, the Marker Fragment. You can use a melee attack to knock it off the shelf to collect it.

dead space remake missions guide marker fragment chapter 1 new arrivals maintenance bay
Collect the Data Board and the Marker Fragment inside the Maintenance Bay area. (Picture: YouTube / Kakuchopurei)

Chapter 2 – Intensive Care

Like the previous chapter, you'll get two mission objectives: "Find a Hydrazine Tank" and "Find a Shock Pad." Again, choose the latter objective. Afterward, using the in-game directional line, move in the direction of the Main Laboratory, and you'll be tasked with eliminating all enemies on both floors.

Once all enemies have been eliminated, locate Dr. T. Kyne's office on the bottom floor, where, once inside, you'll need to find its secret room. Using Kinesis to move objects around, the secret room can be located after moving the shelving obstructing the area, and you can find the next Marker Fragment.

Chapter 3 – Course Correction

After completing an objective where you need to power the centrifuge, your next mission objective, "Manually Ignite the Engines," will have you face a hideous creature before moving to the Decontamination Zone. Use the cargo elevator going up; you'll enter an area that requires you to solve a puzzle before progressing to find the Engine Room.

Eliminate all the enemies that spawn here before finding the Power Sub-Station 003, which you can wrap around to the left. Hidden in the darkness is where you can find the next Marker Fragment.

dead space remake missions guide marker fragment chapter 3 course correction engine room power substation
Peek behind the Power Substation to find the Marker Fragment. (Picture: YouTube / Kakuchopurei)

Chapter 4 – Obliteration Imminent

After receiving the Power and Restart the ADS Cannons mission, select the mission objective, "Reroute Power from Electrical Systems," and follow your directional guide towards an elevator. Head to the Bridge's Floor 3 and locate the Break Room. The next Marker Fragment is inside.

Chapter 5 – Lethal Devotion (2)

After getting the "Lift the Lockdown" mission objective, follow the directional guide until you've found Dr. C Mercer's office. Enter the office and see the Marker Fragment resting on the desk. But don't stop there. There's another Marker Fragment hidden in Chapter 5, but you'll need to choose the "Acquire the Liquid Nitrogen" mission objective to retrieve it.

Head to Cryogenics, where you collect the aforementioned Liquid Nitrogen. Afterward, a fight ensues with an enemy here. However, before this happens, locate the Cryogenic chamber and wrap around the chamber before looking up at the ceiling. The fragment is resting atop the chamber. You can use Kinesis to bring it down toward you.

dead space remake missions guide marker fragment chapter 5 lethal devotion dr mercer office
Find the next Marker Fragment atop Dr. Mercer's office desk. (Picture: YouTube / Kakuchopurei)

Chapter 6 – Environmental Hazard

This chapter relies on you having to deal with "Wheezers." Once you've tracked down the sixth Wheezer, you should find yourself in the Hydroponics area, nearby East Grow Chamber on the top deck. Utilize zero gravity to move to the opposite end of the room, and you can spot the Marker Fragment hiding in a corner.

Chapter 8 – Search and Rescue

This next Marker Fragment can be found while fixing the Comms Array puzzle. It's worth noting that you need to face the display screen in the center of the room to find it. Move to your left, and the Marker Fragment is hidden inside a wall in a corner.

Chapter 10 – End of Days

Start the "Destroy Tendril in Deluxe Quarters" mission objective, clear the quarantine area, and find the Deluxe Quiet Bunks to collect a power source. Then return to the corridor, and place the power source in its slot before powering it on to unlock a set of doors.

Go back to the Deluxe Quarters, find the Deluxe Shift Bunks room unlocked, and head inside. You can find the following Marker Fragment sitting atop a desk. The fragment will have you confront a Tendril at Chief Steward's office, where a cutscene plays once inside. This triggers the Inquiry Desks door, where you'll have to defeat the Tendril and find the Marker Fragment hidden inside.

dead space remake missions guide marker fragment chapter 10 end of days chief stewards office inquiry desks
Find the Inquiry Desks room where the Marker Fragment can be located. (Picture: YouTube / Kakuchopurei)

Chapter 11 – Alternate Solutions (2)

The next Marker Fragment can be located once you've started the "Engage the Cargo Crane" mission objective. Head to the southeast side of the Cargo bay area and look for a shelf to find the last Marker Fragment.

Once you've started the "Pilot the Shuttle to Aegis VII" mission objective, follow the directional guide to the beacon and use the map to find the Mineral Samples room. As you would have upgraded your clearance level at this point, you can enter the room before looking for a shelf. The Marker Fragment is on top of a shelf.

What To Do With The Marker Fragments In Dead Space Remake

After collecting all Marker Fragments in Dead Space Remake, there's one more thing you need to do: locate the Executive Quarters. You are advised not to move forward with Chapter 12; instead, find the closest tram station and head to the Crew Quarters area.

Once arriving in the Crew Quarters area, move straight until you've found doors labeled "To Crew Deck" and then "Common Area." Afterward, continue moving down the corridor. To the left, you should see the door marked "Central Nexus." Enter it and go up to the Floor 1 area.

When you're on Floor 1, find the next "Central Nexus" door and move ahead to find a broken window. Go through the window, turning right into the Cargo Lift. Explore this area and find a door labeled "To Executive Quarters." Head inside and pass through the many doors until you reach an empty room.

dead space remake missions guide marker fragment what to do lt commander v holt office alternate ending
An ominous message is revealed after inserting all the Marker Fragments, triggering the Alternate Ending. (Picture: YouTube / Kakuchopurei)

Then, go to Lt. Commander V Holt's office, where you will find a large table with fragments sitting atop it. Place each Marker Fragment inside them to trigger a cutscene with some dialogue that begins the Alternate Ending. Then, continue playing the remaining mission objectives of the chapter. After completing the game, the Alternate Ending will play and end the game. In addition, you'll receive the Reunion Achievement/Trophy in Dead Space Remake, which allows you to watch the secret ending regardless of the difficulty.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Kakuchopurei for their complete walkthrough on locating the Marker Fragments in Dead Space Remake. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.