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Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap: 2023-2024 Updates And Seasonal Changes

Deep Rock Galactic has a lot of content coming and we check out the latest roadmap to digest it all.
Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap: 2023-2024 Updates And Seasonal Changes
Ghost Ship Games

Deep Rock Galactic has a loyal community of players, and whilst they have plenty of things to do in the game already, it's understandable that they also want to know what is coming to the game next. With that in mind, let's take a look at the game's official living roadmap for 2023 and beyond, which reflects the current plan as per the date it was originally released.

Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap Explained

Before we delve into all the finer points of what's coming to Deep Rock Galactic in the future, it's important to acknowledge a certain elephant in the room. Namely, there's not a whole lot coming in the near future; however, there's a good reason for the lack of updates.

Ghost Ship Games is working on a whole new game called Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core and the development of the new game has naturally impacted the development of Deep Rock Galactic, resulting in a delay to Season 5.

You probably have questions, so here are arguably two of the most important ones that the devs have already answered:

FAQ - Why can’t you just work on both games at once?

In a perfect world, we’d continue full steam ahead on Deep Rock Galactic while developing Rogue Core at the same time. But we’ve only got so many helping hands on board, and only so many hours in the day.

Instead of trying to do a little bit of work on each game every day, we’d rather block out bigger chunks of time where we give one project our full attention. This might not be the fastest path, but we think it’s what will allow us to give you the best games we can possibly make.

FAQ - What if you all just worked harder to make this stuff faster?

We don’t believe in crunching here. We want to work at a pace that ensures our whole team is happy and healthy, and where everyone has the time and space to have fun with their work. If we cranked it to 11 and went into mega-overdrive to rush all this out, we’d lose a lot of goofy ideas, cool hats and fun details along the way. To us, that’s the stuff that makes a game great. We’d rather take our time, so we can be sure we’re making something we’re really proud of.

Deep Rock Galactic 2023 Roadmap

June 2023

  • Season 4:
  • New Season and Performance Pass
  • New EventL Rockpox Corruptor
  • More Rockpox Enemies
  • Jet Boots
  • Arcade Machine
  • New Beer: Randoweisser
  • Sleeveless Armors
  • New Glyphids: Stingtail & Septic Spreader

October 2023

  • Halloween Seasonal Event

November 2023

  • Maintenance Update: Tweaks and Bug Fixes
FAQ - What Are Maintenance Updates?

"If you’re familiar with previous Deep Rock Galactic roadmaps, you’ll notice that the ‘maintenance updates’ are new for this one. These are going to be patches which primarily focus on tweaks and bug fixes. They’re not adding shiny new content, but they are making sure the game stays in good working order.

Maintenance updates may include things like:

  • Bug fixes of every size and flavor
  • Weapon balance changes
  • Nerfs and/or buffs to enemies
  • Typo corrections
  • Optimizations to improve game performance

You shouldn't expect big juicy bundles of new content from these. We’ll save that for the coming Seasons, though they might feel far in the future right now. Until then, we promise we’re not going to neglect the game, or let it fall into disrepair. These maintenance updates aim to keep Deep Rock Galactic in good health, until we’re ready to keep working on new content."

December 2023

  • Yuletide Christmas Seasonal Event

Deep Rock Galactic 2024 Roadmap

Q1 (January to March 2024)

  • 'Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core' 'Closed Alpha

January 2024

  • Lunar Festival Seasonal Event

February 2024

  • Anniversary Seasonal Event

March 2024

  • Maintenance Update: Tweaks and Bug Fixes

April 2024

  • The Great Egg Hunt Event

June 2024 -

  • Season 5:
    • Prelude to Rogue Core
    • New Season
    • New Performance Pass
    • Other Undecided Stuff
  • Space Beach Party Seasonal Event

September 2024

  • Oktoberfest Seasonal Event

October 2024

  • Halloween Seasonal Event

November 2024

  • 'Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core' Early Access Release on Steam

December 2024

  • Yuletide Christmas Seasonal Event

Deep Rock Galactic 2025 Roadmap

TBA - Deep Rock Galactic Season 6

Deep Rock Galactic Living Roadmap Infographic

If you prefer a handy infographic to illustrate all the changes coming to Deep Rock Galactic in the future, then feast your eyes on the most recent living roadmap for the game, just below.

Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap for 2023, 2024 and 2025
This is everything coming to Deep Rock Galactic in the future.


The Old Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap

For those of you feeling nostalgic for what was promised previously, here's a reminder of the last development roadmap.

Deep Rock Galactic - Living Roadmap Revision 19
Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap
There is a lot of information that we can gain through a new Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap. (Picture: Ghost Ship Games)