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How To Increase Mining Speed In Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

A high Mining Speed could be the difference between forging a path to freedom, and getting trampled by alien bugs.
How To Increase Mining Speed In Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor
Funday Games, Alexandra Hobbs

It's not all about the bug slaying in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. In order to make permanent upgrades to your characters and classes, you'll need to mine for precious minerals. Mining is also a great way to get yourself out of trouble by carving paths away from alien bugs — if you're fast enough.

In order to ensure you're staying ahead ot the pack, it's wise to upgrade your Mining Speed when you can, both temporarily and permanently. Here's what you need to know.

How To Permanently Upgrade Your Mining Speed In Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

If you've completed a few runs/dives in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, you'll know there are temporary perks you can unlock that will increase your Mining Speed by a certain percentage, depending on the rarity of the perk. The problem is that your Mining Speed will reset back to its standard value one the run ends. 

Fortunately, you can make permanent upgrades by heading to the Main Menu and selecting the "Upgrades" menu. Here, you'll be able to purchase pemanent upgrades, inclusing ones for your Mining Speed.

To upgrade your Mining Speed, look on the bottom row for the mining icon, second from the left. You'll need cash, which you'll earn by working through runs, and a particular mineral — Croppa.

How To Find Croppa In Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Croppa is a key mineral needed for upgrading Mining Speed. (Picture: Funday Games, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Croppa is a relatively rare mineral that you can find occasionally protruding from generic rock. It is green in color, with purple spikes. There's a chance to find it on your runs across all of the biomes, but you'll need to mine it to harvest the mineral. 

You can also purchase Croppa from the Upgrades page. Each piece of Croppa will cost 400 Cash. Be careful not to spend too much on the minerals or you won't have enough Cash to make the upgrade. The amount of Croppa and Cash you need increases with each level of upgrade. 

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