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How To Use ESG Device In Demonologist

Here's how to use the ESG device in Demonologist and what it does.
How To Use ESG Device In Demonologist
The ESG device allows you to detect ghostly presences. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Searching for, identifying, and Exorcising ghosts in Demonologist might seem like a terrifying task, but the game's extensive array of devices will help you with all those seemingly daunting quests. One of the most useful, but hardest-to-use, tools in Demonologist is the ESG device.

If you know how to use it properly, the ESG device can help you determine the evidence of many ghosts and locate them. Let's take an in-depth look at the ESG device in Demonologist and what it does.

Demonologist: How To Use The ESG Device

esg device demonologist
The ESG device allows players to physically see the ghost. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

To use the ESG device in Demonologist, you'll first want to make sure you've bought this item from the store and brought it along with you into your ghost-hunting adventures. An ESG device costs $1,300, but the price is well worth it since it can give you some significant information about the ghost's identity and more. You can bring up to two ESG devices with you on any given ghost hunt, and it might be worth it to bring both of them if you have the money to afford it.

To actually use it in the game, just place it on the floor - you can use it anywhere on any map. To actually see it work, though, you'll need to actively keep your eyes on it. The best place to use the ESG device is where the ghost currently is and in other areas of high paranormal activity. When the ESG device triggers, you'll be able to see the ghost's physical presence, much like the D.O.T.S. Projector in Phasmophobia.

Activity on the ESG device is a type of evidence for many types of ghosts in the game, so it's definitely crucial to keep an eye on those ESG devices.

Because the ESG device can prompt ghostly activity, it's possible that using it might bring your Sanity down. To combat this, bring along some Sanity Pills and use them as needed. In case your Sanity gets very low, and a hunt does happen to begin, you might also want to pack a Crucifix.

That's our guide on how to use the ESG device, how much they cost, and how you can use them.