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All Spirit Box Questions In Demonologist

Here's every question you can ask the Spirit Box to find ghostly evidence in Demonologist.
All Spirit Box Questions In Demonologist
Spirit Box questions allow players to learn more about the ghost. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

The Spirit Box is just one type of evidence in Demonologist, allowing you to chat with ghosts and determine their type. For ghosts that have Spirit Box evidence, you'll need to talk with them verbally using the tool to get the proof you need and collect more information about the ghost's behavior and personality. You'll even be able to locate the ghost using a Spirit Box if you ask it the right questions. That said, you might be wondering what, exactly, to ask or tell the Spirit Box to prompt the game's ghastly beings to come out and play. To help you out, we've compiled a list of all the Demonologist Spirit Box questions.

spirit box ghost
Ghosts will respond to the Spirit Box if its their evidence. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Demonologist Spirit Box Questions

Currently, there are only five questions that you can ask the Spirit Box in Demonologist using your voice chat. This differs a bit from Phasmophobia, where players can ask many different Spirit Box questions.

Here are the questions you can ask the Spirit Box:

  • Can you talk?
  • Can you speak?
  • What's your name?/What is your name?
  • Where are you?
  • When did you die?

If the ghost is a Spirit Box-responding ghost, you'll get a response from the ghost. You'll also get a visual indicator on your device showing that the ghost responded. Not every Spirit Box ghost will respond the first time you ask it a question, though, so you might have to try it several times before you're successful.

If you're using these phrases and not receiving a response from the ghost, the spirit might be one of many that don't respond to this particular tool - or you might just need to keep at it and remain persistent if it's just a particularly stubborn manifestation. 

For now, those are all of the questions and statements we know of that will allow you to interact with the ghosts in Demonologist using a Spirit Box. It's possible that more Spirit Box questions, phrases, and interactions could be added in a future update, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on the 2023 Demonologist roadmap for the latest info about what's to come.