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Saltagreppo and Clan Elysium claim victory in Vow of the Disciple Worlds First raid race

Elysium had previously won the revamped Vault of Glass in Destiny 2, this time beating Datto's squad by mere minutes.
Saltagreppo and Clan Elysium claim victory in Vow of the Disciple Worlds First raid race

The Vow of the Disciple Destiny 2 World First raid race has come to an end dramatically, as Clan Elysium has claimed back-to-back belts beating the six-man activity before anyone else.

The raid race, which was marred by some massive connection issues early on, came down to the wire, with several teams reaching the final boss at similar timeframes.

In the end, Elysium managed to clutch it out with popular streamer Datto and his squad coming in second by mere minutes. Unfortunately, the heartbreak also hit Clan Ascend, as they had to wipe when the boss had but a smidge of health. 

Ascend was just a bit more DPS away from becoming Worlds First champs. (Picture: ExBlack_)

Datto heartbreak as Elysium claim Vow of the Disciple win

Clan Elysium had made a name for themselves last year, beating the returning Vault of Glass before anyone else. This time, all eyes were set on them as many peoples' favourites to take home the gold belt. 

Overcoming connection issues and the nuanced mechanics of the Vow of the Disciple raid, Saltagreppo and the rest of his teammates hit a wall against the final boss of the activity. 

Similarly to other fireteams competing, figuring out the attack patterns and how to trigger DPS phases became the biggest struggle of the raid, with some like Ascend coming extremely close to victory.

raid destiny 2
The Vow of the Disciple raid race was a joy to watch. (Picture: Bungie)

After an excruciating seven hours of competition, Clan Elysium managed to take down The Witness' Disciple to take home their second raid belt, with Datto congratulating them for their success on social media. 

Take a look at Clan Elysium's triumphant moment from Saltagreppo's point of view below.

Even if you're not interested in raiding, you should know that there will be plenty of content launching now that the Worlds First raid race has come to an end.

We'll keep you updated on all the new stuff you'll be able to find the next time you log in to Destiny 2.

As for Clan Elysium, congratulations are in order. Becoming Worlds First champs is one thing, but back-to-back winners? Now that's something else!


Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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