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Destiny 2: How to defeat Champions

Dealing with Barrier Champions in high-end activities can be complicated for some Destiny 2 players, here's everything you need to know about stunning them.
Destiny 2: How to defeat Champions

Destiny 2's high-level activities often come with difficult challenges for players to tackle, with Barrier Champions being one of the peskiest ones to take down.

These special enemies require Guardians to disrupt or stun them in order to swiftly taking them out, with special mods acquired via the Seasonal Artifact required to trigger their weaknesses.

Want to know the types of Barrier Champions currently in the game most effective way to take them down? Then keep on reading!

Destiny 2 - How to defeat Champions

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First up, you need to know what type of Champions are in the game. There are three in total:

  • Barrier Champions
  • Overload Champions
  • Unstoppable Champions

Each of these Champions has unique traits and disadvantages, let's take a look at them below.

How to stun Barrier Champions

For these, you'll need to equip Anti-Barrier round mods. You can do so within your arm piece of gear, which hosts most of the weapon mods.

To stun a Barrier Champion, deal damage to it, and eventually it'll surround itself with an impenetrable shield that can only be pierced by Anti-Barrier rounds. Doing so will stun it and you'll be in a prime position to take it down.

Another cool use for Anti-Barrier round mods is that they can bypass any enemy shield, including Vex shields often seen on Hydra's, so it has more uses besides taking down Champions!

How to stun Overload Champions

overload champions destiny 2
(Picture: Bungie)

Unlike Barrier Champions, Overload ones won't have a special shield for you to bust, instead the Overload Champion relies on massive damage directed towards players and insane health regen.

The Overload Rounds are tricky for some players as the buff doesn't automatically trigger like Anti-Barrier. For the Overload Rounds to trigger, you need to shoot a certain amount of time to, well, overload the weapon you're using, it will start glowing and you can stun the Champion right there.

There is no special prompt or window (i.e no shield around them) for stunning these so just spam away.

How to stun Unstoppable


Finally, Unstoppable Champions. These work similarly to Overload Champions in that they don't surround themselves with special shields and you can stun them at any point as long as you hit your shots.

For the Unstoppable Rounds to kick in, simply ADS with the weapon equipped for the job and wait until a small aura makes it shine, this means an Unstoppable Round has been loaded, fire away, and get rid of those pesky Champions. 

Each Season, grenades also have mods that allow you to use them as means to stun Champions. They are dependant on your class, however, so you'll be forced to swap from time to time to take advantage of them.

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