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Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Artifact: All mods

Season of the Splicer's artifact is a trippy-looking Paradrome Cube. Check out all the mods that come along with it.
Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Artifact: All mods

It's been a fun day for Destiny 2 fans as the release of Season of the Splicer has gotten everyone excited to try out the new content, weapons, and everything else it has to offer.

As usual, with a change in seasons comes not only a brand-new season pass, but an Artifact as well, filled with different mods to enhance your experience and make things easier for you on the battlefield.

Season of the Splicer's Artifact is a Paradrome Cube, a Vex living code claimed from their domain handed to you by Mithrax, a Splicer Eliksni that will be helping Guardians throughout the season.

Enough lore talk, let's see what the Paradrome Cube has in store for Guardians during Season of the Splicer.

Season of the Splicer Artifact - All mods

(Picture: Bungie)

As customary, mods are broken down by columns, with the first column being unlocked by default. Here's the full list:

Paradrome Cube mods - Column 1

  • Overload Submachine Gun
  • Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle
  • Unstoppable Sidearm
  • Overload Hand Cannon
  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle

Paradrome Cube mods - Column 2

This column unlocks once you have one mod unlocked.

  • Grenade Launcher Scavenger (Bonus reserves when you pick up ammo)
  • Rocket Launcher Scavenger
  • Unflinching Pulse Rifle Aim
  • Scout Rifle Loader (Increased reload speed)
  • Blast Radius (Become Charged with Light with Grenade or Rocket Launchers)

Paradrome Cube mods - Column 3

This column unlocks once you have four mods unlocked.

  • Unflinching Auto Rifle Aim
  • Argent Ordnance (While Charged with Light, readying or firing a Rocket Launcher grants it increased damage and reload speed)
  • Grenade Launcher Dexterity (Faster ready and stow speed)
  • Rocket Launcher Loader
  • Ashes to Assets (Gain bonus Super energy on grenade kills)

Paradrome Cube mods - Column 4

This column unlocks once you have seven mods unlocked.

  • Unstoppable Grenade Launcher
  • Hammer of the Warmind (Stun Overload or Unstopabble Champions by detonating Warmind Cells)
  • Sundering Blast (Stunning Champion creates explosive blast)
  • Surge Detonators (Arc grenades stun Overload Champions)
  • Unstoppable Schwarzschild Condensor (Void melee stuns Unstoppable Champions)

Paradrome Cube mods - Column 5

This column unlocks once you have 10 mods unlocked.

  • Breach and Clear (When using a Grenade Launcher, damaging a boss, a Championr, or breaking combatant shield reloads your stowed weapons and cuases combatand to take increased damage)
  • Glacial Inheritance (Defeating targets with Stasis Super refuns energy)
  • Warmind's Decree (Void splash damage final blows have a chance to create Warmind Cells)
  • Impulse Recycler (Grenade final blows grant grenade energy)
  • Energy Accelerant (Your Dragonfly, Chain Reaction, and Firefly explosions deal more damage)

season of the splicer artifact
(Picture: Bungie)

There you have them! We personally recommend going for all the weapon mods first, as you'll need them for high-level activities so you can stun Champions without relying on anyone else.

On top of this, keep an eye on the Warmind mods, as there are potentially high-damaging combos to exploit. Furthermore, the Energy Accelerant is a must if you have precision weapons with any of those perks.

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