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Destiny 2 PC version keeps crashing - How to fix

Users are reporting issues with the PC version of Bungie's action MMO.
Destiny 2 PC version keeps crashing - How to fix

The initial week of Season of the Lost had seemingly been going on without any major issues, with Destiny 2 fans getting to enjoy everything the season has to offer, including new activities, a fresh season pass to grind, and a revamped pool of weapons to chase.

Sadly, as Season 15 is reaching its second week of being available, PC Destiny 2 players are reporting constant crashing without any error codes popping up in their games.

Whether via social media such as Twitter or the Bungie forums, it seems to be a widespread issue affecting thousands of PC players.

Destin 2 PC keeps crashing - How to fix

destiny 2 pc crashing
Is there a way for players to fix the constant crashing? (Picture: Bungie)

As mentioned, it seems that thousands of users are reporting constant issues with the PC version of Destiny 2. One Twitter user explained that the game is now maxing his GPU, ending in an instant crash. 

Unlike many issues with the game, these constant crashes don't come accompanied by any sort of error code, which usually helps players find out the source of the problem, making this ordeal that much more frustrating.

To make matters worse, it seems Bungie has yet to address any of the player concerns regarding the stability of the Destiny 2 PC version as of the time of writing, providing no solution to the problem at hand.

destiny 2 pc crashes
Destiny 2 PC players will have to wait a little bit to get the grind going. (Picture: Bungie)

If and when Bungie does decide to acknowledge the issues, we'll update the article accordingly. 

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