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Divinity Is Getting A Nerf In Destiny 2

Bungie is finally nerfing the exotic trace rifle Divinity in Destiny 2 Season 19 alongside other exotic weapons.
Divinity Is Getting A Nerf In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has had a history of having some really overpowered weapons that eventually got nerfed by Bungie. Some notable examples include the Exotic Fusion Rifle Telesto, which Bungie has disabled and patched countless times over the years. 

Another overpowered Destiny 2 weapon that was recently disabled from several activities is the Lightfall pre-order bonus weapon - Quicksilver Storm Auto Rifle. Now, in its latest TWAB, Bungie has announced that it's nerfing the infamous Exotic Trace Rifle Divinity in Destiny 2.

Divinity is getting nerfed in Destiny 2 Season 19

divinity nerfed destiny 2
Bungie is reducing Divinity's weaken from 30% to 15% in Destiny 2 Season 19. (Picture: Bungie)

It's no secret that Divinity is one of the most powerful end-game PvE weapons in Destiny 2. This is primarily thanks to its Judgement perk that weakens and stuns enemies over time.

The Judgement perk is one of the reasons why Divinity is one of the most preferred weapons in raids. For better or worse, Bungie is finally nerfing Divinity in Season 19.

The weapons team at Bungie explained how the studio plans to reduce Divinity's weaken from 30% to 15% in the upcoming season. That's a 50% reduction in the weapon's damage output, something that will have repercussions in future raid encounters.

Surprisingly, the devs don't think that Divinity is overpowered in its current state. However, a nerf is essential because Divinity's 30% weaken overshadows other sources of weaken like Tether and Tractor Cannon, and Bungie "don't want to power creep past Divinity" to make these other weakened sources more interesting.

destiny 2 no time to explain nerf
No Time to Explain is also getting nerfed in Destiny 2 Season 19. (Picture: Bungie)

Naturally, the Destiny community has had a lot to say on this matter. While some fans agree with Bungie's decision to nerf Divinity, others don't.

If anything, some fans think that Divinity nerf is happening due to the recent complaint from the World's First Saltagreppo. 

Divinity isn't the only weapon getting nerfed in Season 19. The exotic pulse rifle No Time to Explain is getting its Full Auto Trigger System perk replaced with the Feeding Frenzy perk.

No Time to Explain was recently reported to be the most used PvP weapon in Destiny 2, so this nerf should surprise many fans. 

With the Lightfall expansion on the horizon, Bungie could tweak even more Destiny 2 PvE and PvP meta weapons. Only time will tell how these changes will pan out and ultimately affect the players' experience in the game.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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