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Destiny 2 Season Of Plunder - Best Seasonal Mods To Unlock

Are you just hopping onto Destiny 2 Season of Plunder? Here are the best Seasonal Mods that you should acquire and equip first.
Destiny 2 Season Of Plunder - Best Seasonal Mods To Unlock

Like every Destiny 2 season, Season of Plunder adds a new seasonal artifact with 25 seasonal mods that you can unlock over the season. These consists of champion mods, armor mods, and class item mods.

Earning mod points to unlock new seasonal mods takes time, so getting the right ones early that suit your playstyle could make a huge difference when playing through some of Destiny 2's more challenging content. As such, to help you, here's our guide that explains which seasonal mods you should unlock and equip in Season of Plunder.

Best Destiny 2 Season of Plunder seasonal mods

The selection of champion mods is pretty great this time around, and while there's no class item mod as effective as last season's Classy Restoration, there's still plenty to help you get that perfect build.

As mentioned previously, Season of Plunder is pretty much about Arc subclass, thanks to the Arc 3.0 update that dropped alongside it. As such, expect most class item mods to enhance Arc abilities. As always, the first couple of mods that you should unlock in every Destiny 2 season are the champion mods.

Best champion mods to unlock - Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

destiny 2 season 18 mod
The Auto-Rifle champion mod is one of the best additions in Season of Plunder. (Picture: Bungie/GINX Esports TV)
  • Anti Barrier Auto Rifle - Auto Rifles you are wielding fire shield-piercing rounds and stun Barrier Champions.
  • Overload Bow - Damage by fully drawn arrows disrupts combatants, stunning them, delaying ability energy regeneration, and lowering combatant damage output.
  • Unstoppable Shotgun - Shotguns you wield fire a powerful explosive payload that stuns unshielded combatants.

The champion mods are pretty self-explanatory. Auto Rifles stun Barrier Champions, Bows stun Overload Champions, and Shotguns stun Unstoppable Champions. We are especially pleased to see Auto Rifles getting the Anti-Barrier rounds, which are far better than last season's Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifles.

There are plenty of great Kinetic Auto-Rifles in Destiny 2, both exotic and legendary, which means you won't have to switch back and forth between champion and non-champion rounds.

We have had Overload Bow mod before in Season 15, so you already know the deal. There are plenty of Arc legendary and exotic bows, like Trinity Ghoul Bow, that you might want to take out for this new season.

Shotguns for Unstoppable are also fair though a bit surprising. You will have plenty of options for both Kinetic and Energy slots

However, we wish there were more weapon types for Unstoppable mods. For instance, Hand Cannons would have been a far better option!

Best Armor mods to unlock - Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

destiny 2 season of plunder mods
Melee and Machine Gun mods should be your go to armor mods in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder. (Picture: Bungie/GINX Esports TV)
  • Machine Gun Holster - Gradually reloads your Stowed Machine Guns over time. Multiple copies of this perk stack to reduce the time taken to fully reload.
  • Bottomless Bounty 1 - Improves the effect of the Right Hook and Runneth Over weapon Origin perks.
  • Focusing Strike - Grants class ability energy when you cause damage with a melee attack.
  • Machine Gun Scavenger - Machine Guns get bonus reserves when you pick up ammo.
  • Thermoshock Plating - Reduces incoming Solar damage from combatants. Reduces incoming Arc damage from combatants.

Machine Guns seem to be a huge focus in Season of Plunder and you will probably be using the new seasonal Machine Gun Planck's Stride or the exotic Thunderlord for that extra Arc damage.

Thus, you should focus on equipping all the Arms mods that would benefit your choice of Machine Gun. Arc Melee is not just satisfying to use this season but also activates one of the Arc 3.0 buffs - Amplified. Hence, the Focusing Strike mod seems like a good fit to get that Arc synergy in motion and deal some bonus damage.

Two new Origin Traits in Season of Plunder are Right Hook and Runneth Over weapon. Right Hook is tied to Melee Damage, which, as mentioned above, you will probably be using a lot this season.

Runneth Over Weapon is also a powerful perk introduced in King's Fall weapons this season. You will probably be using both these perks a lot, so why not get the Bottomless Bounty 1 perk to improve their effects?

Like Season of Haunted, the Themoshock Plating Mod will come in handy this season when you're running Legendary Lost Sectors solo, so don't miss out on it!

Best Class Item mods to unlock - Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

destiny 2 season of plunder mods
Season of Plunder mods should enhance your Arc 3.0 abilities. (Picture: Bungie/GINX Esports TV)
  • Bad Amplitude - Damaging a Champion with an Arc ability causes the Champion to become jolted. (Cost - 1 Energy)
  • Amped Up - Stay amplified longer. (Cost - 1 Energy)
  • Surge Detonators - Arc grenades disrupt combatants, stunning them, delaying ability regeneration and lowering combatant damage output.
  • Thunderous Retort - Grants bonus Arc Super Damage if cast while critically wounded or while amplified. Lasts until the end of the Super activation. (Cost - 6 Energy)

As mentioned before, none of the Season of Plunder class item mods is as game-changing as something like Classy Restoration from Season of Haunted. However, what's here should at least enhance your existing build in one way or another.

Amped Up, Surge Detonators, and Bad Amplitude are quite self-explanatory. Thunderous Retort is an interesting much-needed addition especially since Arc supers don't do much damage compared to Solar and Void.

And that's all the Seasonal mods you should equip in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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