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How to get Psychogenic Intel for Operation Elbrus quest in Destiny 2

Players have been getting trouble farming intel for Step 11 of the Operation Elbrus Season of the Risen quest in Destiny 2.
How to get Psychogenic Intel for Operation Elbrus quest in Destiny 2

Completing the campaign is far from the only thing you'll be doing with The Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2, as there's more to experience in Bungie's action MMO, even beyond the DLC.

Season 16, officially called Season of the Risen, debuted alongside The Witch Queen on 22nd February, serving as a compliment story-wise to the events that transpire inside Savathun's Throne World. 

In line with previous seasons, players will find a slew of quests and activities to complete, with Operation Elbrus being the weekly quest that players can grind. 

With the first weekly reset happening on 1st March, players got access to new steps on their way to completing a total of 28, however, many seem to be stuck on step 11, which tasks them with earning Psychogenic Intel.

Is Operation Elbrus bugged?

season of the risen bugged
Season of the Risen sees the Vanguard forge alliances with surprising characters. (Picture: Bungie)

If you read quest step 11 for Operation Elbrus, you'll need to complete multiple activities to earn Psychogenic Intel.

Sadly, many users were reporting the quest as "bugged" since it was dropping 0 out of the 500 required intel to proceed to the next step.

This is in fact, not a bug. If you go to your inventory and check your total amount of Psychogenic Intel you may have your answer. The currency caps at 2,000, if you happen to have anywhere above 1,500, you won't get anything for the quest. 

You need to play some PsiOps Battlegrounds and open the Runic Chest at the end of the activity, it'll cost you 500 Intel, enough to make room in your inventory for the quest step.

How to farm Psychogenic Intel

destiny 2 season of the risen
PsiOps Battlegrounds is the seasonal activity you'll have to get used to. (Picture: Bungie)

Farming intel is a relatively harmless process once the above has been sorted. Simply run some Strikes, play Gambit, Crucible, and other various activities you can find in Destiny 2. 

If you want to speed up the process, equip some gear from the Tusked Allegiance set, the Season of the Risen pieces of armour, all of them have the Uniformed Officer perk, which grants additional Psychogenic Intel when completing activities. 

Once you sort out this step, there are two more available this week. Step 12 tasks you with opening a Runic Chest and 13 wants you to head to the H.E.L.M and listen to Lord Saladin's debriefing.

Once that's done, all we have to do is wait until the 8th March weekly reset for the next series of steps to unlock.


Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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