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How to get Renewal Grasps Gauntlets in Destiny 2

Here's how you can get the Renewal Grasps Gauntlets in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen, an amazing tool in any Stasis build.
How to get Renewal Grasps Gauntlets in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen has plenty of gear and weapons to chase spread out across multiple activities. That includes Master and Lost Sectors.

If you're new to Destiny 2, Lost Sectors are small explorable areas that offer loot and XP. Debuting with the launch of vanilla Destiny 2, initial Lost Sectors were deemed unimpressive and overhyped. 

Once Season of the Worthy introduced Legendary Lost Sectors, later becoming permanent with Season of the Hunt in Beyond Light, Lost Sector farming became common, with fans enthusiastic about the possibility of having another constant source of good gear. 

With The Witch Queen, a new slew of exotic gear was introduced to spice up the rotation of Master and Legend Lost Sector, with Hunter mains excited about getting their hands on the Renewal Grasps Gauntlets. 

Where to get Renewal Grasps Gauntlets in Destiny 2

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Master and Legend Lost Sectors are on a daily rotation. (Picture: Bungie)

As you may have guessed, the Renewal Grasps can be acquired via Master and Legend Lost Sectors. You can't just boot up one and complete it, however.

These higher difficulty Lost Sectors are on a daily rotation, in which they change location, things like elemental singe and other modifiers, as well as rewards. 

For a chance to get the Renewal Grasps Gauntlets to drop, you need to wait for a day in which the reward is Gauntlets for all classes. Note that while you can complete these Lost Sectors with a fireteam, you need to do them solo to get the gear. 

You can track the daily Lost Sector via sites like TodayInDestiny. A good thing that will mitigate the grind is that Lost Sector has a sort of bad luck protection system in place.

While you are not guaranteed to get any piece of gear to drop, once you get one, it will always be one you've yet to unlock, meaning that if Renewal Grasps is one you have not yet obtained, your chances of getting it are much higher.

For Hunters, both Renewal Grasps and Athrys's Embrace drop from Legendary Lost Sectors. 

Renewal Grasps exotic perk

This piece of armour goes surprisingly well with Stasis builds, as it enhances Duskfield grenades. 

renewal grasps
Renewal Grasps is an amazing exotic. (Picture: Bungie)

This piece of armour goes surprisingly well with Stasis builds, as it enhances Duskfield grenades. Take a look at its exotic perk.

Depths of Duskfield

  • Your Duskfield grenades have a much larger effect radius. Allies inside the Duskfield take reduced damage and targets inside the area deal reduced damage.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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