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Is Osiris dead in Destiny 2?

A new Savathun memory has sparked curiosity in Destiny 2 players regarding Osiris' current status.
Is Osiris dead in Destiny 2?

The Witch Queen is a beefy expansion reinvigorating Destiny 2 in a way no other DLC has even come close to, barring Forsaken perhaps. 

A huge part of it is the dense story spread throughout the lengthy and incredibly well-designed campaign as well as subsequent quests and missions that become available after you finish the main story.

Following on meticulous story threads set years in advance, going as far as vanilla Destiny in 2014, The Witch Queen answers a lot about who is Savathun and who is leading the Darkness. It also reminds us of the true nature of the Traveler and the role Guardians play under its guiding light. 

Still, some answers remain shrouded in mystery, with one plaguing the mind of players -- is Osiris alive or dead? 

If it isn't obvious, a spoiler alert is in order, not that we have a definitive answer to give you, nonetheless, consider yourself warned. 

Is Osiris alive in The Witch Queen?

crow osiris savathun
The Crow didn't save Osiris during Season of the Hunt, he saved Savathun. (Picture: Bungie)

First, a quick recap if you've been out of the loop or need a memory refresh. Osiris was, at an unknown timeframe, kidnapped by Savathun herself.

If you recall the first mission of Season of the Hunt, when Crow saves Osiris, this is already Savathun impersonating the legendary Warlock. Months later, during the final mission in Season of the Splicer, Osiris turns his back on the Vanguard when a full-on attack is going on at the Last City, making it obvious at the time something was going on behind the scenes.

The curtain came down at the start of Season of the Lost when Savathun finally outed herself. For months, speculation regarding Osiris' whereabouts was rampant, with a vast portion of the community thinking he was a goner. 

Once Season of the Lost ended and the exorcism of Savathun's worm was performed, the Witch Queen escaped leaving only Osiris' body behind. Now, following the debut of the Altar of Reflection: Pact mission with the 1st March weekly reset, speculation has emerged once again as the Queen of Deception seemed to imply knowing the fate of the Warlock. 

osiris destiny 2
Savathun outed herself as Osiris during Season of the Lost. (Picture: Bungie)

Savathun talks to Guardians using her cunning ways to tease them after you complete the mission. "Two lies, two truths," she says.

Some open the door for exciting times ahead, including saying that our "destiny lies beyond this galaxy," but at one point she also states: "Osiris is dead."

If you want to take Savathun's word at face value, that's your answer, however, it's highly unlikely Osiris would be completely erased from the game without fanfare akin to Cayde-6's final goodbye during the Forsaken DLC. 

It's true that Osiris' Ghost, Sagira, was killed, thus making the former Vanguard Warlock lightless, but that's far from dead.

In essence, while the possibility of Osiris being dead is high, nothing has been confirmed as of right now.


Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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